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Has anyone here played it before? I have my own equipment and everything, and I used to play a lot. But I haven't in the past several months. I really need to sometime...

posted by  thermo

I play occasionally, I really enjoy it when I do. Dont' have my own equipment, it's always crappy rental stuff.

posted by  jedimario

Yeah rental stuff is junk, especially the goggles, as they are always EXTREMLY dirty. I haven't ever use rental stuff, but my Dad and cousins have, and they tell me (and I can see it too) it's bad.

posted by  thermo

I'll usually do it in my backyard or a friend's backyard lol...I got like the cheapest one there is :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

alas, i went to airsoft instead of paintball.

that's a fun one. plus its not messy! :thumbs:

posted by  shadowedII

ok, ok, now you are talking my sport here. paintball in my opinion is the best team game in the world. you can put it up against so many other sports and it will beat it out in many ways. how many other sports (besides airsoft) do you get to shoot someone? its great. i am one of two captains on my paintball team that my friend and i have formed. our main play is speedball on airball fields. this is our website
if you guys have any questions on paintball or your markers, i would most likely be the one to ask on this forum site :thumbs:

posted by  starscream0

Airsoft is way cooler than paintball :thumbs:
Guns are pretty expensive however

posted by  PowerOn

well now, we could get into a very very long debate about why paintball is better than airsoft or why airsoft is better than paintball so im just gonna stay out of it for now. but my opinion is fully on paintball :hi:

posted by  starscream0

You can also ask me. While I don't know everything about paintball and paintball equipment, I do know a good amount. :wink2:

posted by  thermo

I have also played airsoft. I'm not into it as much as paintball, but I do have an airsoft gun (a mini electric, ha ha it's so slow).

posted by  thermo

Kinda defeats the purpose though. How can you tell if you've shot one another? When someone says "ouch"? In my experience it's kids who aren't allowed to play paintball who do this.

I can't afford paintball. After I pay for real guns, reloading supplies skis, dirbike stuff etc. I owe my parents like 1 zillion dollars. Luckily they forget often enough. I have to get a job in order to ski this winter though. The real world sucks

posted by  Scolson

hey man, what kind of setup are you running? how long have u been playing?

posted by  starscream0

i play but i used to be more into it. i played div 1 xpsl for about a year until my team fell apart. i put like 4 grand into all my stuff its a shame though, guns 3 years old arent worth a third of when they were new.

heres my set up

2003 gen-e matrix
tadao board w/ m3 chip
hybrid rail
05 cp on/off
aka sidewinder
custom reg asa
aka lpr
evolve bolt
dual volumizers (and yes a matrix can have volumizers)
evolve 90 degree trigger
ccm no-pro
custom backplate
dye ultralite

i still try and keep up with the sport but its way to expensive for me right now. oh and ive been playing about 6 years

posted by  azkid110

Tis a game of honor. And it's not like you don't feel the bb's (they can pack a nasty sting when you take one in the neck or face especially). YOu hear them too.

I've played with players from all over Arizona, and from California too. We've had games of almost 100 players. In all of my days (over 2 years of airsofting with the good stuff), I've seen only a small handfull of "ghosters" (or people who don't call their hits). I'm talking under 10.

It just works like that.

posted by  shadowedII

I used to play paintball often but not since we switched over to dragnohir instead

posted by  Aondor

hey man... if you ever feel like trading your old matrix for a new cocker im in :thumbs: i have a black '04 Prostock autococker with a CP onepiece barrel and a CP all Delrin bolt

posted by  starscream0

I've played it a couple of times. I didn't think I'd enjoy it before I played it, I loved it when I tried it though...Great fun! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

yes, it is a hell of alot of fun when you play it. i will say that before the first time i played, i was kinda scard to do it but after i played, it just took off from there... that was about 5 years ago:thumbs:

posted by  starscream0

I've been playing for about 5 years (since I was 11).

My setup isn't much, but at least it works (I don't play paintball a whole lot, nor have I been in any tournys):

Spyder Pilot ACS
Dye E-spyder sticky grips
Shocktech LPC
Evlution II
Dye Throttle 71/4500
4pc spring kit

And that's it I think.

posted by  thermo

hell, its better than nothing. i just got an offer to trade my cocker for an uped impulse with a freak kit :thumbs:

posted by  starscream0

i just finished a project of paintball game. loving it.

posted by  Montage777

a project? what was it for?

posted by  starscream0

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