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...Should be a marketing exec for a power tool company.

Ever seen the video for satisfaction? (

posted by  Zalight

Power tools??

I love that video. :mrgreen: :hi:

I haven't seen it for ages.

Thanks man. :thumbs: :laughing:

posted by  GreekWarrior

I used to listen to that song all the time lol...Still have the video I think...I also have an extended version, with some more innapropriate stuff :laughing:

Good to watch again though lol.

posted by  chris_knows

Really? like what? :mrgreen:

posted by  GreekWarrior

You know that porn section you wanted? Well, it would go in the darkest corner of that :laughing:...I'm not sure, but I think someone just got some porno and put little clips of it throughout the video :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

Really?? Can I.....see this video? :mrgreen:

posted by  GreekWarrior

:laughing:...I'll e-mail it to you tomorrow sometime, I have to find it first though :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

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