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Is it worth the 1800 dolla's?

Does it cause confusion.

post what u like or dislike about it here, or just comment on Nav.

posted by  Arod

plz answer...17 months later lol

posted by  Arod

Maybe it would get some responses if it was posted in the correct section to start with....

posted by  Cliffy

Would you please direct me to the "Navagation Forum"? I've been a member here for well over 4 years and don't recall seeing one. Must have missed it. Maybe I can learn something new today... Just not here.

He didn't get a response because his "question" is idiotic and incomplete. Stop trying to being a moderator and try just being a person with a bit of common sense. Think, type, submit.

posted by  vwhobo

Really doesn't take a genius to figure out that the R&M section is the incorrect section for such a thread. This is the best suited place for it. This is of course given the assumption that you realised that I moved it here.

posted by  Cliffy

You were givien the opportunity to act like a moderately intelligent human being, but folded under pressure. Allow me to give you a quote directly off this site;

"Off Topic
Chill out zone, anything other than vehicles. Post photos and videos here..."

In case you weren't aware, navigational systems are used in or on vehicles and seldom have anything to do with photos, videos, birthdays, etc. Based on the rules that YOU regularly want to remind people of, that means it doesn't belong here. Of course it doesn't take a genius to figure that out... And it looks like Cliffy the imbecile moderator can't figure it out either. Surprise.

There may well be a better place for this thread than R&M, but this IS NOT it.

posted by  vwhobo

I saw this as more appropriate. The Forum descriptions are there as a guide to members. It doesn't mean that everything posted has to be what is described (unless it's blatently obvious RE; the R&M section). I used my discretion. For the record, Sat-Nav isn't actually a vehicle, so as the description in this section says "Anything other than vehicles", I am further justified in my action. Also, Sat-Nav isn't only used in cars nowerdays, with portable systems the "in" thing, they are more of a general item than a motoring one. Carry on hobo, it makes CF more interesting.

posted by  Cliffy

This topic is better suited for General Chat. This is car related. He came to a CAR forum to ask about a system made popular by CARS...why would he be talking about a hand-held device.

I don't know of any $1800.00 handheld only sat-navs either. You're wrong Cliffy. You fail at communication.

They're all different. How about you comment on car. Is it worth $20,000? Caveman.

posted by  What

I don't think $1,800 for navigation is worth it. I don't see the point, unless you travel or get lost a lot.

posted by  varybarry

No. I'm right. As usual.

I didn't say he was talking about a 'hand-held only' device, I merely said they aren't only made for cars these days. Get over it.

posted by  Cliffy

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