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just minding my own business in the forums when i came across a member's sig. i think it was starscream's. he had a pretty neat graffiti style thing in sig his and i remembered that i wanted to ask anyone who might have an idea as to what style of graffiti writing is the one used in NFS Most Wanted.

i thought i just might stick a vynil somewhere with Inygknok written done in that style in the car when i get it moving (i dont care wat anyone thinks, i like it).

i checked in the site that his graffiti had on his sig, but none of them seriously please me.

posted by  Inygknok

Nevermind, found a portuguese forum that directed me to a site with different fonts.

not an advert, but for those interested

posted by  Inygknok

oh, so u like my sig do you? yeah, i guess its ok. id rather make a piece myself and take a picture of it and make it my sig. well, if you ever want me to make a throw up saying whatever ill do it just for something to do.

posted by  starscream0

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