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Jist thought I'd share something myself and a collegue found rather amusing last night. Ok, we were halfway through a 12hr shift Lee, my collegue radio's me and asks me to get over to a local Golf Club as he can hear the intruder alarm sounding. We dont actually have much to do with the club but it's been robbed a few times in recent months. Anyway, I was there within a few minutes and we started walking around the site, we are aware the place has CCTV and were also aware that it's monitored. So we're walking round and hear a tanoy announcement (not a particularly uncommon thing to happen), not sure what it said but I'm assuming they saw the cars turn up and knew that the alarm had gone off, so they obviously thought we were robbing the place lol (we were in bright red marked cars, and holdong bloody great spot lights.....but obviously they still thought we were doing the place over lol)

Ok, cut a long story (reasonably) short, we called their control room but the number wouldn't work. So next thing ya know I heard a noise, and jokingly said it must be the Police Helicopter coming to get us.......low and behold, it was a Copper Chopper and it started circling the Golf club. With this I thought well they must be rather stupid so we played a little game with them, and drove to a neighbouring site where they followed us to lol. After about 30minutes we decided to let our Control Room know that Surrey Police had a Helicoper afer us and that they should give them a call to stand it down.

The thing I find rather silly, is that with all the modern technology, they still didn't realise who we were, I even put my strobe lights on, on the car and they were still blisfully unaware. Also, no ground units turned up which was strange in itself.....must have been too busy scraping drunks of the floor (Friday night n all lol). Oh, little off topice but their Helicopter comes from Dunsfolf Aerodrome, where Top Gear's folmed.....thought I'd mention it just for ChrisK lol. Ok, so tonight I'm gonna see if I can find a Police Patrol...just to wind them up about who they rely on for air support in persuits eyc lol :laughing: and :banghead: @Surrey Police

posted by  Cliffy

haha, you guys should have scattered everywhere. Then again that would cause more problems and you'd probably be fired or soemthing, on the other hand it would be funny as hell to make it seem like you guys are trying to get away.

posted by  salimander13

Sweet! The helicopters come from the Top Gear building :smoke::laughing:

Sounds like a pretty eventful night lol...Did you guys get in any trouble for it?

posted by  chris_knows

That sounds like fun, getting chased by a police chopper w/o actually getting in trouble. :laughing:

posted by  elchango36

No, we didn't get into trouble for it. I may have made a mistake, I think that particular Copter came from somewhere else as it was coming from the wrong direction lol....they do fly from Dunsfold too though!

We were gonna do that, we were curious as to which one of us they'd follow lol....bear in mind they can only stay in the sky for about 1.5hrs lol

Yes, great fun lol

posted by  Cliffy

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