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I just had a brain wave which really is logical..seeing as we have started to talk about GT3:A-Spec in another thread, I thought I'd start my own thread to take away irreleven posts from the other thread...if ya get what I mean :smoke:

I'm just interested to hear your thoughts on all three GT games and see how you think the games have developed over the years, I personally love the whole series and think that all three games are great for all people who like cars and video games, the problem I find with knowing alot about cars though, is that you notice the little annoying aspects of these games that others overlook, for example, Sony have always called the GT series 'The real driving simulator' but if you know anything about cars you'll also know that this just aint true, so, what are your thoughs? :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

I too love all three GT games however, I also agree with you when you say "'the real driving simulator' but if you know anything about cars you'll also know that this just ain't true" In GT4 that's coming out soon I hope, They had better show damage. I used to have a list of all 1000 cars they were featuring. I never knew what a Ford Sierra was. I still don't know because I don't use the search. :oops:

anywho, I will be getting GT4 after I buy my car a CD player.

posted by  Satty101

I dont think they'll ever show damage due to the manufacturers not authorising it, I recal in GT2 when the cars took hits the handling suffered, but it was pretty lame lol. I also remember, before GT2 came out that all the magazines showed pictures of numerous cars which never made it into the game, hopefully GT4 will have it all! and also GT3 gave up the choise to add the 600+ cars of GT2 in favour of better for the Sierra, check out the following link for a few pics!

posted by  Cliffy

Thankyou for that info. I think the GMC Sierra could take it :orglaugh: I hope Pontiac is in this game. I haven't seen the list for damn close to a year so I forgot what there was. I just remember El Camino, Ford Sierra, and Panoz Esperante.

I feel the last GT games were missing Pontiac which really sucks. They have the classic muscle cars in the Dodge area along with the Neon, Stratus and Viper. Now, I think if they're going to have a Neon in that game, where the hell was the Cavalier or Sunfire? Why not have a Contour or ZX-2 or something. Atleast have a Firebird and a GTO for Pontiac. But ohwell. :2cents:

posted by  Satty101

Realism can kill playability e.g. if I told a girl that I still live with my parents instead of saying that it's my own house, I wouldn't make a good 'playa' :laughing:

Seriously though, would things like stalling and blowing engines be an improvement or would it just ruin the fun? What are your thoughts?

posted by  snoopewite

No probs, Also, in GT3, Sony stated that you wouldn't be able to purchase used cars..that was true..only trouble being that you could buy a new 1980's car and change it's colour lol. I do think it would be nice to bring back the Muscle cars though, I missed them in GT3 :smoke:

posted by  Cliffy

I think that to make it too real would be a bad thing, stalling and blowing engines would sacrifice gameplay, although, they could always make it an option for the pros! I think that realism as far as reverse lights and skidmarks on the road etc go is a good thing, afterall...I think every single new racing game has them (apart from Need for speed underground), why not GT?

posted by  Cliffy

I love the GT Series. I never sat down and plaid the third one cause I have a PS One and X-BOX (PS2 is a marketing ripoff). So I am still playing the second one. The graphics do suck but I love the game play. Its proably the best racing game out. And GT4 might have to hold 2 disc if they want the same graphics as GT3 and all the cars.

I too was disapointed that they didn't have Pontiac or for that matter Oldsmobile. :screwy:

But ah well. :mrgreen:

posted by  DJ Nonsense

I loved the third one. Favorite cars = Impreza Race Car(So ****ing fun on rally, nothing like taking a stage4 turbo impreza with 800 horsepower onto a dirt track!) Toyota Race Car(The red one, I havnt played the game since last august so I forgot the car name, I have no ps2 but my sis does) Verigo Race Car(won me damn near every car I have) Calsonic Skyline(Unbeatable in that car).

I love that game so much, but unfortunately I have a gamecube and no PS2. I'd say that game is about as close to a racing sim as you can get without just making it boring. Sure you can spin out and crash into a wall and rocket off, but you also have to win races build your car, and the AI is damn challenging. When gt4 comes out I will spend nights crying because I do not have it.

posted by  Integra_LS

So will I because it's supposed to come out on PS3. :cussing: You can actually get the Japanese version right now as long as you know how to read japanese. I heard it was supposed to be released last December, then they made it March, then they made it May, and now I'm hearing things of next December! DAH!!! :cussing:

posted by  Satty101

I have loved GT3 (it was my first game on PS2) and cant wait for GT4! It is going to dominate! :thumbs: :laughing:

posted by  StiMan

gt3 great fun, gt4 looks great anyone heard anymore on a release date?

posted by  jon348

Decemeber man! Freaky December! Which sucks cause they keep changing the date! :banghead: :cussing:

posted by  DJ Nonsense

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