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...What's happenin'? Haha, no, seriously.

Had a lot going on lately. A lot. Havn't been around. Been coming around a little recently, seeing this place as lively as ever. Just wondering what's going on with everyone now days?

posted by  67Coronet383

And incase anyone is wondering about the Coronet project, it's now sharing space with this ( The Prelude is the project at hand now, seeing as I need it as a driver so I can get rid of the Crown Vic that's the driver now. Just building the motor and painting the car along with little things here and there. Won't take long. I'll show pics when I get the motor back in it.

posted by  67Coronet383

Nothing much DR, good to see ya around. Course, I do see you fairly often on Myspace. :laughing:

School is a bitch (junior year sucks) and tomorrow I have to take the SAT. No fun at all. Oh well, this summer should be ok.

Whats up with you?

posted by  StiMan

Nothing new here really...UFF changed the forums around twice. Just some subtle differences though lol. Vwhobo started a chatroom which usually had people for a while, then it stopped, then it started again...but now it seems to be dead again lol. Lots of small things happened...Newyorker left because nobody liked him (but he claims the forums were messed up for him), CarEXPERT came onto CF pretending he was a girl but it didn't last very long lol...

There isn't anything new with me...excepts that I get my G1 in 16 days :smoke: lol

Good to see you back BTW :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

I was wondering what happened to Coronet project.

posted by  Benson

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