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Not too shabby ( mZ4638069334QQcategoryZ102224QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem)

posted by  Wally

Damn! I want one, but by the time they get to the US, the cost is up around $20k.

It just really pisses me off, as back in the late '80s, I sent a '62 Impala SS and my '70 Mustang fastback autocross car to Oz in trade for an XB Falcon and XB van parts car. The guy that was doing the import/export of the cars had been doing it for years. I had worked on a number of Aussie vehciles he had brough up, and prepped a number of cars that he was sending to Oz, but on that deal, he vanished. I never saw my cars again, and I never recieved the Falcon. I had reports from another importer that he DID get them to the docks down there, but that's as far as they got.

A pretty expensive lesson in trust.

posted by  ChrisV

It seems the yeas have mellowed the expeience, hopefully. I would have wanted the guys balls, but would of had no idea where to start. How would you go about prosecuting for something like that? I know you would have to go to Oz, but were the steps to involved and not worth the time?

posted by  Voda48

They may have been worth it had I been able to afford to go after him. Cost of going to Oz, staying there while looking for the cars, etc.

He had an Aussie 2 door Dodge Lancer from the early '60s at my shop at the time. I didn't have any paperwork on it, so I smashed it. No, not crushed it, I took the bits I could sell off it and literally took a sledgehammer to every panel (and I had just finished doing the restoration bodywork and painting). THEN I had it hauled to the crusher.

It's the red one in the background of this pic (taken about a week after it was painted just before I was going to do the final polish on it)

posted by  ChrisV

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