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When did oomba get banned again, and what for? I just noticed.

posted by  Benson

Once again :doh:...I didn't realize that he did anything bad this time though.

posted by  chris_knows

Who honestly gives a ****? It's not like he contributed to anything.

posted by  elchango36


posted by  mx3_monster

I recommended that Oomba was Banned again due to his increasing need to start arguments and input point;ess drivel where ever possible. He showed no sign of giving it a rest and ignored prior warnings, he also called me an idiot lol and offered NOTHING to CF!

posted by  Cliffy

When a problem comes along you must ban it, ban it good.

posted by  GreekWarrior

or just pick on cliffy....cliffy your gay, JK DON'T BAN ME

posted by  salimander13

That wasn't the sole reason he was banned.....it just made our case against him all the more stronger lol

posted by  Cliffy

unrelated question..

cliffy, i took out the sti club sign in my sig. is it about the right size now?

posted by  nighthawk

Then send a PM! Don't you know how to do that??

posted by  jedimario

yeah, i did but never got it back yet, i thought cliffy was on when i posted that,

bad habit lol:doh:

posted by  nighthawk

It happens. Just try to remember next time mkay?

posted by  Satty101

Appologies, I read your PM but forgot to reply, I was intending to do it....well, now actually lol. I cant view the picture properly at the moment as I'm on that "patially sighted screen resolution PC" at work lol, I'll get back to ya asap to let ya know, unless one of the other Mods can advise you sooner. I'll PM you!

posted by  Cliffy

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