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http://videos.streetfire.net/video/wm/A55B5C29-9A14-4D9C-B8C7-6CE25253880D. htm

This is just with the Flowmaster 40 installed, with pipes and a header I'm expecting a deeper louder sound, opinions?

posted by  99integra

Sounds nice but whats with the camera quality when you get out of the truck and go to the back?

posted by  Spanky2324


BTW My camera does the same thing, because it's darker in the truck and so it takes a while to adjust to the difference in light.

posted by  chris_knows

soooooooooo close to sounding like a small car, careful:laughing:

but its pretty good, id say with the other parts, ittl be just right
you dont want a wang-noise, which i almost heard at around 4k :thumbs:

posted by  nighthawk

Thanks guys, I'm just lookin for a throatier tone because the 40 series are one of those harmonic sound mufflers so it is noticable mostly around 2k rpm and higher than 4k. The reason the camera turned white is because it was dark in the truck like Chris said and it didn't have time to auto adjust.

posted by  99integra

Sounds like my Ranger did...even though all I did was cut off the muffler...btw, mine was louder:wink2:

posted by  Satty101

Lol you cut off the muffler thats why :laughing:

posted by  99integra

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