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how do you "damage" a gas tank in a car without leaving traces?

posted by  Fraser2006

Hey, I think I'm gonna log on to my favorite forum and help someone vandalize a car today.

You are an idiot. :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

you key your name on the car and then you leave a note saying you damaged the tank. Oh yea almost forgot take pictures or video evidence so you can show your friends and they will believe you. Lastly post it on the internet so everyone knows you did it:thumbs:

posted by  salimander13

Post it on myspace :laughing: They've caught lots of people like that lol.

Shove a flaming stick into the gas tank, it just keeps burning until it runs out of gas. Stand really close to it too, your body keeps it stable.

posted by  chris_knows

Wow..another intelligent thread lol :banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

Stab it with a knife.

Who the **** checks their gas tank?

But ask yourself...would Jesus damage a gas tank?

posted by  What?

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