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hi paypal sent me those 2 payments that u need to confirm your bank account and i ddnt check my bank account so they took the payments back and now i cant add my bank account what do i do to reslove this problem..???

posted by  nick27

Hmm, maybe, just maybe you should ask PayPal support?...

posted by  dodgerforlife

what do you mean by paypal support ??? i dont know what to do???

posted by  nick27

log into Paypal, go to the support page, ask them. After you log in, there is a "contact us" link at the bottom of their page that will take you to a set of links, one of which is Customer Service. Pretty simple...

posted by  ChrisV

They can't just "erase" the history of a deposit that has been made to your bank account. You can call Paypal to sort this out, check your bank statement, call your bank's customer support, any number of things to find out what those two small deposits were. You can also simply repeat the process and keep a closer eye on those deposits.

posted by  JaneiR36

600+ posts, jeeze where have you been? lol never seen you around here before

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posted by  nighthawk

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