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ok, we're (my graphics class) doing an assignment on designing wheels for a chosen vehicle. I just need opinions on what the car i might design the wheels for, I was looking closely at the not-yet-released Porsche Panamera. Also just general things like why 5 spoke wheels are very common and whatnot. Thanks for any help.

posted by  ahoo

You what to change the wheels on the car? Like a chop?

posted by  Voda48

not really, as in draw it. i was hoping for like ideas on what the car should be. the photoshop bit is later in the assignment, i need to design the wheel and get the concepts and everything done, then we'll make it on proDESKTOP and make a 3d model of it there and shove it onto the car using photoshop... hope you get what I mean....

posted by  ahoo

So you want us to give you advice on the car? Go with the new Camaro...

posted by  Satty101

ok, thank's i'll see if it's going to be easy to do it

posted by  ahoo

Go with something like the Bugatti Veyron, some supercar like that or a cruiser form the 40s, something with a lot of sexy curves.

posted by  Voda48

I found the high res pics on of the 300c srt8 were super easy to customize, (make 2 door, big rims, all that stuff)

posted by  nighthawk

everyone in my class is doing the 300c and mustang so i might go for either a veyron or db9 or the porsche gt3

thanks for the replies guys i've decided to go for the porsche gt3 i've began concepts already

posted by  ahoo

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