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posted by  Benson

lol a little too late there...

posted by  jedimario

It was taken down, but from the other things in that area, I'm assuming it was about meeting singles and dating? lol

posted by  chris_knows

It still shows for me? It was some girl asking to be f***ed by a bunch of guys and then given "love juice" all over and on her rump. They included pictures too. It was funny.

posted by  Benson

Can we see? :laughing: (If you still have the stuff)

posted by  chris_knows

EDIT: why the hell does nothing work?

Hello all, im a cute 23 yr old boy, i'm 5'11, 170 lbs, latino, smooth and in shape. I have a good job and my own place. I am looking for a friend that loves babys. I am still a baby at heart. I would love to spend some private time with a nice lady that wants the companion of a sincere young boy. iI am very nice and inteligent and would just love to cuddle and be treated like an infant. We could cuddle, hugg, and just spend some quiet nights together..aslong as you dont mind that i still wear a diaper. I'm not a dirty boy, just a baby boy that loves to be dressed in diapers and baby clothes. If interested please e-mail me back.

posted by  Benson

:eek: :umh:

posted by  99integra

I saw something like that on CSI once, creepy stuff.

posted by  jedimario

how do you end up at a website like that????

posted by  windsonian

I think I'll post as a single white korean female, looking for casual sex with an STD free married bisexual giraffe that likes evenings at the opera and pleasant strolls along the beach.

posted by  Wally

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