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I saw it the other day n i have only one word for it: AMAZING! Not as good as the book though. But still amazing. Post your thoughts if u have seen the movie. My thoughts are tht the ending was extremely well expressed.
Katelyne (

posted by  Rock luver

I Am The Code.

posted by  Ki2AY

Aha..... and may i ask wat is the living bloodline of Jesus doin on
ShyRoxanne (

posted by  Rock luver

He keeps us all in check by threatening us with swarms of locusts and famine. :evil:

posted by  Lizard King 6B

I thought the movie was alright, never read the book. I'm completely looking past the whole religious battle over whether or not this is bull, and just saying as far as entertainment it was a B to B+ movie for me.

posted by  giant016

i heard it was BORING!:sleep:



movies rarely live up to the hype .... especially when the hype stemmed from the book. It was fighting a losing battle the whole way.

Haven't seen it yet personally (read the book), much like someone didn't see the other thread!!!

posted by  windsonian

Actually I thought the movie sucked, it tried to be too much like the book, and considering the book was 500 or so pages long, this was a problem. The movie had no atmosphere because it tried to cram so many pages into it. Scenes were not developed properly, and it felt more like someone reading me the book, with some helpful pictures, than an actual movie. I didn't think the book was that great, but it certainly was more enjoyable. You're better off seeing one of the 4000 documentaries out there.

On another note, Angels and Demons will also become a movie, although I liked other movies by Ron Howard, I hope they find a new director, and a new Robert Langdon. (nothing against Tom Hanks, but they need to start fresh). I enjoyed Angels and Demons as a book, more than the Da Vinci Code, so I have higher hopes for it as a movie. I guess we'll see.

posted by  Mathew

I didn't read the book but I thought it was a great movie. :pop:

posted by  elchango36

Thats exactly liked the book more than the movie. But i think tht watever they did show in the movie they expressed quite well (considerin it was a 2 hour long movie). Though if u read the book u will notice tht all the characters are much more deep than they express in the movie. In the book u will almost feel sorry for the albino but in the book but in the movie u think the guy is a crazy hired assasin who kills ppl n likes beatin himself up.
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