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well i can tell no one here likes me or wants me around so im outta here.sorry for tryiing to learn about cars, and when i knew somin trying to help!



Byebye peanut, maybe you could be a man about it and just realize your mistakes, apologize and not retort, and listen.

posted by  99integra

i tryed that.all i was doing was trying to help but i just kept getting called names b/c of stupid shit ppl brought up from the past.



You wanna do a search on me bro, I claimed I was 21, had an 8 sec integra, and was in the Marines, came clean and stayed, sure I had threads about wanting me to get banned and shit, but I took it and learned

posted by  99integra

yeah well im not making bullshit up, im just trying to help!and learn




posted by  chris_knows


Thanks for doing all of us a favor and leaving! ;)

posted by  Benson

but people will tell you you're wrong if you "try to help" with incorrect info. the worst thing you could do is then get annoyed at them.:2cents:

posted by  windsonian

Mate you're 16 years old and behaving like a boy with two dicks. That in itself is OK, but when you startup on members who have decades of experience you are just being plain rude. You may be correct in your advice, but I have yet to see an instance.

So by all means give your opinions on things, but expect to be corrected if you are wrong or at least questioned. At the end of the day you may just learn something from us people you affectionately call arseholes and dicks. If you were an apprentice you would have had your cods shaved and greased by now to remind you of your place in the order of things.

posted by  Wally

I remember I had a bit of a rough entry into CF
im one of the like 1% of people who stay :laughing:

posted by  nighthawk

Didn't you say you owned your own Garage, too?

posted by  Cliffy

Ah, forgot about that one :doh:

posted by  99integra

Unless you are a genious when it comes to cars, when you come to a car forum you have to be ready to swallow your pride, because people are going to correct you. You also can't take offense when people don't sugarcoat the fact that you f*cked up. If you can't take the heat...good riddance.

posted by  giant016

Shouldn't that be "stay out of the kitchen"? lol.

I agree though, so many threads similar to this have been started, and I'll say now what I say every time a "look at me" thread is posted!....

We have all messed up at some point or another......unless you're a genius or something lol, and we all make mistakes. Why cant people do as has been stated here and just swallow their pride and say "yes, I was wrong, and I acknowledge that"....obviously using your own dialect.....(like testing the censor out as some of you like to do! :cussing: ). At the end of the day, FORDRANGERBOY, It's your decision to do as you please, but again, as has been said before, alot of members have does as I described above, and are happy now....I hope, lol. And why post this in the R&M section? :banghead: (I moved it btw lol)

posted by  Cliffy

I thought you were going to lock it or deleted it (can't remember which one) if it was in the wrong section because you were so tired of give it way to easily cliffy maybe you should leave with him:2cents:

jk I'm just messin with ya who else are we going to blame for accidently deleted threads:laughing:

posted by  salimander13

I spent a good five minutes reading over the top half of that before scrolling down, lol......I'm assuming you know that most of my last post was aimed at FORDRANGERBOY? right?......And I remember the accidental deletion, was that one of your threads? lol.....I thought it was someone elses...:ohcrap: :laughing: :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

haha sorry to cause so much trouble for you. Yes I know you were aiming at FORD. Finally, no that wasn't my thread I'm just trying to refresh some memory:thumbs:

posted by  salimander13

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