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I have Road Runner at home. However, I am at my parent's place and have to use their dial-up. Man do I miss my connection at home.

"Why am I at my parent's?" you ask......

Well, I have finally landed a new job. It is in the Oshkosh area (a little SW of Green Bay on the west side of Lake Winnebago). It is not in Engineering but it does call on my engineering skills in order to discuss things with customers.

I am no longer in an automotive related industry. I will miss working on vehicles and developing products for that industry. I will still be working on my own vehicles however and look forward to being closer to my fleet.

I am however with a company in an industry that is growing and I look forward to the opportunities that this will bring.

My wife and I are also getting ready to move out of the Racine area and get a nice quiet plot of land where she can raise some chickens and I can put up a pole building to house my fleet.

Well, that's the latest. See you around.

posted by  theman352001

Congrats on the new job...keep us posted on what happens :thumbs:.

posted by  chris_knows

Congrats, I hope all goes well, keep us posted! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

you would leave Racine. I wanted to face you in pool again sometime soon. I'm #5 in my league so I think I could take you down...

posted by  Satty101

Alright, Satty talking smack. I'm down on the weekends for a while, whenever you're ready.

There was another accident last night in front of our house. (were on a main road in Racine) Not sure on all the details but he messed himself up pretty bad driving into our neighbors yard.

Yeah, I will be a bit happy to leave Racine for the quiet of "up-nort' der hey."

Thanks for all the congrats guys. My first week is done and it has been pretty exciting. Learning a lot more about manufacturing engineering as opposed to design engineering. I am at a machine shop every day to check up on the progress of the projects. This position will be very good for my career.

I will drop in from time to time.


posted by  theman352001

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