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What doust thy word TROLLING mean??? * Spoken like Henry the VIII*

posted by  LatinDubber

clicky (

posted by  Bubba

Here's an example...

RAAR I'm a troll, I'll post stuff that makes no sense all over the forums and get 100 posts in a single day!

...Let's hope they don't come back lol.

posted by  chris_knows

jajajaja.. . . mas clemento's arajana jajja...

:evil: :evil:

now thats trolling :mrgreen:

posted by  nighthawk

When the internet was established for the masses, the theme was nautical, thus trolling, trawling, surfing, etc. A troll trawls for a reaction, usually anonymously.

posted by  Wally

Has anyone but me noticed a familiar MO with this guy.....might be completely innocent, but ya never know......:thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

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