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Aight im going off to college so im selling my car and the sound system in it. For a graduation present i just got the new Creative Zen Vision M MP3 player, but now i just need some heaphones to go with it. I love bass, and i'm gonna need a lil bit of it while im gone. So my situation is i need to find some nice headphones with bass. Im looking for cans under $300 USD, Excellent Bass, Confortable, Long Lasting. I been looking at the Ultrasone HFI-550's but im very open to other ideas. Thanks

posted by  Stem

I would look at Fostex - specifically the T50RP - which can be had for 100 or less....

As well, the Pioneer HDJ-1000 - which will be around the 200$ mark.

And the one I would most recommend - Sennheiser.

HD212Pro - about 60$

HD280Pro - about 100$

HD515 - about 100$

Any of the above mentioned headphones are closed-ear, with large drivers, wide frequency response, and a high sensitivity rate...

posted by  dodgerforlife

ive had the 212 Pro's and they didn't have near enough bass. Like i said im a bass'aholic. i'll check out some of those other ones.. and im trying to stick between the 100-300 range, cuz anything less than 100 i find is crap. thanks for that tho dodger.

posted by  Stem

Then probably look at the Pioneer or other similar DJ headphones...

posted by  dodgerforlife

well i came to the decision im gonna get a pair of Grado SR125's since they outpreform everything lol. And for when im listening to heavy rap im gonna buy a pair of Skullcandy Crushers. Headphones with built in mini amp and mini sub :D

posted by  Stem

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