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Since theres goign to be an Influx of intrest in cars mostly among boys between the ages of 12-17 who want to drift, drive fast and heavily mod there cars lets talk this movie over.

The movie starts out nice quiet kid who juc likes to work on his car. Senior in high school at the time. As he leaves the parking lot he flirts with a girl in a red Srt10 Viper. Boy friend rushes over and tells him he better back off his girl. They instigate. They challenge eachother to a race. The nice quiet boy and his monte carlo beat the viper though his dirving is very rough and uncontrolled and he manages to hit several large crates etc with no body damage at all( WARNING YOUNG KIDS EVERY TINY PEBBLE YOU HIT LEAVES A MARK IF YOU HIT A BARREL AT 80 MPH YOU WILL KNOW IT)
Then after the race he wrecks his car flips it several times and his uninjured(WARNING KIDS IF YOU RECK YOUR CAR AT 110 mph YOU BETTER PRAY YOU DIE BECAUSE THE ONLY WHEELS YOULL HAVE WELL BE ON YOUR WHEELCHAIR)
So then he moves to tokyo with his dad who stationed there with the navy to get away from the troubled life he leads in america. He hooks up with some wanna be mofia whos past time is drifting ( and by past time I mean they have several millions of dollars invested in it) Hes loaned a car and races the Drift King of Tokyo or as they call him DK. He loses and trashes a 300 thousand car.
The man who loaned him the car takes a liking to him and because hes mini mafia with money laying around he lends him another ride this time an EVO.
The nice young american boy works hard and learns to drift. He has to be the worst driver in the entire world when he first starts attempting his drifts but through perseverance he betters himself. Also at this same time he starts macking on DK's(drift kings, Mini mofia boss) girl. Now this is japan the land where everyone knows marital arts and mofia boss just throws big walloping haymakes to beat up this nice young american boy.( My God Haymakers anybody would see those coming a mile and a half off) So eventualy Dk figures out nice sweet american boys mentor is stealing money form him so he rushes over and trys to kill him apparently in japan only the mini mafia boss is alowed to have a gun So after american boys mentor dies he challenges Dk to one Final race and beats him and he then reigns victorious.
Last clip of the movie VIN DIESEL( I KNOW WTF? THE GREATEST ACTOR LIFE I KNOW I WAS SHOCKED AS WELL) shows up and it ends with them starting a race.

Problems with this movie
- They constanly race on the streets of tokyo- There is no room to race its way to busy there
- The american leanrs japanese over night
- The cars are boring and bland
- Mustang + foreign engine makes me want to vomit at some core level of my being
- No NAWWWZ in this movie come on whats that all about
- All those hot hot hot japanese girls and ill throw in an extra hot why do you have to go for the mafia boss's g/f
- In the movie the mafia boss pulls a gun on his fellow mafia friend, What good mobster doens't carry a gun to shoot back with?
- No one hands out free race cars
- The american was a redneck cowboy wanna be who delivered his lines with less ability than my brothers 3rd grade play actors
- The lines are beyong lame

Overall its an entertaining movie if you can ingnore all the stupid little things and trust me theres a page and half more of problems for me to list.
There was a nifty cameo from the drift king himself as a happy fisherman

posted by  Aondor

- Another anoying this is the fact that during the movie several times girls offer themselves to whoever wins the race. That an excelent way to treat females.. as Trophies!

posted by  Aondor

Yeah, I saw it the other night, and that's pretty much what I think was wrong with it...especially the Mustang, the car crashes (where he did actually have his front teeth busted out...but the grew back over-night :laughing: ), the Forest Gump accent lol, and the girls, they were hot and everything, but they treated them like whores lol.

Wait, the Drift King was a fisherman? lol

posted by  chris_knows

rember when tehy were teaching him ot drift and teh guy fishing lean over to his buddy and says " you call that drifting"
doesn't he look familiar to you?

posted by  Aondor

Im a muscle car guy as you can probably see, and I liked the Mustang with the RB26 in it. It was kickass.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Dori Dori was a fisherman?! I thought he played a better role seeing as though he's one of the founders of the sport.

posted by  fudge

Yeah me too.

He had a Chevelle didn't he?

posted by  jedimario

I remember that part, but I thought it was a seperate person lol...I guess it could have been him still lol.

posted by  chris_knows

I swear I saw Vin Diesel in the previews...was he actually in the movie? He was the only think (Minus the Charger ofcourse) that made the original good. So so many mistakes....:banghead:

posted by  Satty101

He appeared for about 10 seconds at the end when he was about to drift against the main character (I'm not good with names lol)...They didn't say who won the race though lol.

posted by  chris_knows

Can anybody say sequel?

I haven't seen the movie yet though.

posted by  car_crazy89


posted by  Satty101

Hey pontiac, doesnt the original post say that those cars are worth 300k Like u cut me up for saying in a post in the asian tuner section?

posted by  mastersypro

Frankly I am not expecting much.... but I will wait to see it on video. I did however see the break-up with Kay, that was freaking hilarious, I highly recommend it (compromise for a chick flick/comedy)

posted by  Voda48

I saw tokyo drift yesturday (only saw it because I get movies for free) and it was ok I suppose. The mustang with a nissan engine=lame IMO. When I see a car like that I like to roll down the window just to hear it purr. Its funny how every car in tokyo was washed and new.

posted by  salimander13

Thanks for the wrap up, wasn't planning on seeing it anyway :thumbs:

posted by  Mathew

I geuss i contribute to the forum every once in a while

posted by  Aondor

I liked the movie. The stunts were incredible, especially the part where they drift around the corner and all the people are in the street. It was way better than the first two for sure.

posted by  PontiacFan27

I reckon it wasn't half bad for entertainment.....but that black spot on the side of the RX7 is just uber weird.

posted by  ahoo

I'm pretty sure that was CGI...and it was kinda stupid, it just so happened that everyone cleared only a single path for them...w/e, the stunts were excellent, you're right :laughing:

posted by  jedimario


posted by  Aondor

I don't think this was answered yet, but I was looking on Wikipedia and he had a 426 Hemi 1970 Plymouth Road Runner.

Oh, BTW It turns out the "Drift King" was one of the guys fishing lol.

posted by  chris_knows

why is it that in all 3 a muscle car gets trashed>?:doh:

posted by  hhsrastler92

wow i havent been on a long time.. busy with work an such...
i saw the movie on th efirst night it came out. the mocie itself was alright. I liked it better than the 2nd but not better than the 1st. I thought the storyline was good. After the movie ( about 1 am) in the empty parking some cars were drifting... But they werent like 1st timer guys. They were liek STi"s, S2k's, EVO"s and Cobras. I thought the guys would be fags but the were pretty cool. I almost went to dennies with em.

posted by  V-Tec

Chris, I think they mean the car he wrecks at the beginning when racing the Viper..

posted by  car_crazy89

No, in the beginning he wrecked a 1970 Monte Carlo lol.

posted by  chris_knows

I knew what Vin Diesel was driving at the end, I wasn't totally sure what the car in the beginning was (had a feeling it was a Monte, but didn't know the year) :wink2:

posted by  car_crazy89

I just saw this movie like 30 minutes ago and I must say it is very inaccurate, but I think its the best Fast and the Furious. Although thats really not saying much.

The stunts were crazy. I read somewhere they wrecked like 15 350Zs filming it. They showed a picture of the piles of wrecked cars left over from this film... it was sad. heh..

posted by  StiMan

I had the great misfortune of taking my wife's 13 year old son who is visiting for the summer to see the movie yesterday. It is in a word sh*t. A total waste of money and time. That is the opinion of someone with well over 30 years experience building and racing cars.

In the opinion of said 13 year old, the movie was "bad". Not my kind of bad but the 13 year old kind of bad. He loved it. Then on the way out to my truck after the flick, one of the 16 year olds who saw it with his girlfriend tried to "drift" in the parking lot with his '90ish four cylinder Mustang. He took out a new Camry and a dumpster in the process. That was also "bad". Good job.

I rate the movie two thumbs and one penis down. The only redeeming feature was the little Japanese chicks with pink undies under their short skirts. Hoopty freakin' doo.

See ya, gotta get to the track. :wink2:

posted by  vwhobo

Yay you're back!

I'd agree that the movie sucked, in a way, but I just liked most of the eye candy.

posted by  jedimario

yeah old man go exercise

posted by  CarEXPERT

I think he means cars dumbass.
Why when we get one smart member back, we get one dumbass in his place that posts just as much.

posted by  skeetin870

Good to see ya postin' hobo!

I've yet to see the film, but will do at some point, I make a point of trying to see all films with cars etc in them, as they're so few and far between these days, however crap they might be, lol

posted by  Cliffy

Still a moron I see. You're just exactly the kind of twink the movie was made for. :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

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