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well, i was sitting down a bit earlier, and on comes this new show, Master of Champions. apparently, they take a bunch of people with extraordinary talents and have them go at it with each other with what their good at. the first challenge was for two professional drifters to drift a car in a circle. the catch was, there is a motorized cheese grater and they had to grate the cheese that was on a table in the middle of the circle they were drifting. apparently, the winner was the one who grated more cheese. when the second guy went, his car caught on fire near the exahaust system... i have no clue what it was from but it looked kinda cheap and set up. then at the end, of course, like with any other modern reality TV show, they had to have 3 judges say which one they pick to move on to the next round. the picked the girl who grated less cheese but then the audiance picked the guy who grated the most... so of course, he moved on. then they said "you can really tell these drivers have alot of tallant here at drifting"
now, i have no doubt that they are good but you cant quite tell just because they were driving in circles... i mean, if they really wanted to show it off, they should have shown them drifting on an actual track. and even better, do it in the streets of Tokyo just like in the movies aand have them go up against hardcore asian drifters!!! that would have proven if they were good or not :thumbs:
(p.s. i have absolutly nothing against asians who can or cannot drift)

posted by  starscream0

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