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:) :) :)

I cant even describe my happiness right now.

Basically, i used to be a boxer.

Then the coach turned out to be a child molestar and the gym got shut down.

so i've been out of luck (literally missing boxing every day for a few years-not an exageration)...i just found out

that if i train hard on my own, i can go to any amateur competion and fight. ohhhhhh man i know nobody cares but im smilin :mrgreen:


posted by  Spade

Nobody cares.


:laughing: Seriously though, congrats :thumbs:...I'd rather carry a gun though, "You got pecs? I got Tecs" 5 E-Bucks to whoever knows what that's from :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

Well good for you, hope ya make it!

posted by  jedimario

Good to hear, Spade, hope it all works out for ya!

posted by  Cliffy

my brother wants to train to be a boxer, hes been recommended a few in where hes moving to,,, hes moving to pheonix

posted by  True_Brit

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