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Ok, lets see ya scars....if ya have any of course, lol. I'm expecting a few of you will have some stories to tell. Here's mine...

I'll let ya all take a guess how it was done...if you want, then I'll tell you what really happened,'s not that out of the ordinary really....and no, hobo didn't do it :laughing:

left arm:

posted by  Cliffy

Jeez, how did you do that? Gun fight? :laughing: JP I'll have to post some of mine sometime...But seeing how I'm constantly on CF, I don't have too many lol.

posted by  chris_knows

you lost an E-arguement and punched the computer screen REALLY hard

my guess lol

posted by  nighthawk

My first thought was either chain saw chain comming off and giving you a few good whacks or a motorcycle chain. What ever it was it doesn't look like it was sharp-- more of a gouge and rip out the skin type of wound.

posted by  thefonz

Cliffy, do you ride a motorbike??????

posted by  True_Brit

Can't show you any scars from the incident, but fell off a 4 metre ladder onto concrete once and crushed the radial ball joints on my elbows and fractured my wrist as the arms took the impact. I was not a happy chappy having my arms straightened out for xrays prior to being given pain killers (they wanted to give me a shot in the bum first, but I refused anyone playing with my arse:mrgreen: ).

Apart from that the usual scars on my feet from walking on broken glass, a scar on my head from someone throwing a metal bucket at me and many white lines on my fingers from cuts expertly repaired by tissues and electrical tape. Most painful exercise was having tweesers pushed up under and the fingernail ripped out by a nurse.... I think the whole hospital learnt a new low in profanity that day.

posted by  Wally

wow, you had it all, sounds painful!!!
I cant show you because its healed up well, but i had a wooden chair thrown at my head, it hit me above my eye (doc said i was lucky, an inch lower and i would be blind in my left eye) i was bleeding lots and my mum cleared it up and said "you'll be alright, its just a little blood", i got rushed off to hospital 20 mins after because it wouldnt stop! i was chatting to my brother on the net (he lives in usa with the rest of my family) and i asked him how the boy who threw the chair was, and he told me he got "knocked down by a train for playing on the tracks"......i didnt know wether i was glad or sad! This happened 5 yrs ago.
apart from that, i got six scars on my shin, because i fell off my push bike onto a bunch of rocks!

posted by  True_Brit

Looks like you got in a fight with a boat prop.

posted by  BavarianWheels

Burns from some kind of fiery centipede? lol

posted by  Satty101

No, nearest I came was a CBT when I was 16yrs old, I've been meaning to get my lisence though...although from what I've seen of Motorcyclists in recent years, I dont know if I'll bother! :ohcrap: I'm guessing the kid who got hit by a train died?

Geez Wally, is there any part of you body you haven't nailed to something, electricuted, cut, torn off or bruised? lol

Ok, here's what happened, when I was about 13yrs old, I was riding my ya do. Our kitchen window at the time, opened on to the driveway, anyway, I came into the drive way a little fast and went to grab the window frame, I'd done it numerous times before without any problems, but this time I missed the frame and went through the window...ouch. It didn't hurd much from what I can remember, but I remember clearly that I could see the bone. I had about 50 stitches inside the wound, and 50 outside I seem to recall, but they disolved so removal wasn't an issue. The Doctors said I was very lucky to keep the arm, as any deeper could have completely screwed me up, lol. I spent 3 days in Hospital, and it was the first day of the summer holidays! A couple of veins needed to be either repaired or tied. It's still a little numb now, but I've suffered no long term effects really! I also have Haemophilia (sp? still have probs with that one, lol) (a blood clotting condition), and by rights, it shouldn't have stopped bleeding too easily, but I didn't notice any difference, it is only a mild version though.

posted by  Cliffy

So it wasn't from a fiery centipede???

posted by  Satty101

CLiffy,,,, yes he did. one of those long frieght movers

posted by  True_Brit

Well I haven't done what you did.:mrgreen: I guess if I add in breaking all my toes and tearing muscles off my spine, there wouldn't me much in my body that hasn't been damaged..... we could have been in that Jaws scene where they compare scars.:drool:

In hindsight I guess the ones we would all remember is tearing along on the old treadly as a kid and coming a gutsa on the bitumen = barked knees, elbows, palms and possibly chin and forehead, then the satisfaction a week later of peeling off scabs?

posted by  Wally

Nice....I have it all to come...:laughing:'re not that dodgy Aussie bloke from Jaws are ya? lol. Agreed about the scabs...I had a field day with my arm :laughing:

And no Satty, it wasn't a centipede, lol

Also, that tiny bit at the top wasn't stitched up....and the bandage didn't quite cover it...I thight they'd forgotten to stitch a whole chunk of me up :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

I pulled a Wolly. :laughing:

*Picture removed*

Fell about 12 feet onto concrete elbow first crushing radial head. They had to remove about 2 inches of bone. I go in on the 7th for them to perform the prosthesis and to repair a ligament (Dr. who performed the bone removal should have done it then, but what do you do?).

I have a nice collection of scars. Both eyebrows, all over my head, ankle, right arm (from dog), and a decent one on left leg from sea shells.

posted by  Lizard King 6B

Although blurry, that daoes still look nasty from what I can see....The description also makes me cringe, lol :ohcrap:

By the way, why when I clicked that link did it link me to CF and ask me to sign in?....It wasn't a post here was it? or was it?. Also, I wasn't aware Dr Who performed surgery, lol..jk

posted by  Cliffy

I just posted and downloaded picture. Have no idea why you were prompted for sign in.:screwy: One of the other threads kept doing that. I just hit close on the prompt box and kept going.

Yea, it took me a second on the Dr Who thing.:laughing:

How do you guys get your pictures to show without having to click link?

posted by  Lizard King 6B

use insert image, instead of [url]

posted by  Cliffy

Use insert image location, instead of [url]....or instead of an attatchment. Why did you remove the pic? Also, it would have to be hosted somewhere like photobucket or image shack!

posted by  Cliffy

When i checked it, it looked like it opened a link to my stuff.:screwy:
Maybe it just does it when i open it but wasn't sure. I went to attachments, downloaded picture then inserted but it still only supplies a link to the picture. I'm not very computer savy. Oh well.

Oh yea, thanks for tryin to help. :mrgreen:

posted by  Lizard King 6B

No probs....if it was a link I was gonna make it an image for ya :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

show me the way to go home.... im tired and i wanna go to bed

if cultivated properly and harvested at the right time, you could get 2 or 3 good scabs off a treadley spill.

posted by  windsonian

y'know, the american version of that is:
"i see" said the blind man to his deaf friend as he pissed into the wind. "it's all coming back to me now"

:wink2: :laughing: :laughing: :orglaugh:

posted by  dodger65

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