Which Gaming System is the best over all?

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Tell which gaming systems you have and which you think is the best.

posted by  CrazyCurtis55

Unfotunately there is no 'BEST' gaming system as of yet, since they all have good games that are specific to each. If you really want the best games, you almost have to buy all three of the next-gen systems.

Personally I'm a big 2-d fighting game fan, so my favorite system is still the Dreamcast.

posted by  Kanok8

voted ps2, but NES still owned... nothing like Zelda, heh. anyway, shouldn't atari be on there too? :P

posted by  CivicRacingGirl7

I think the best gaming system of all is the Sony PS2. it has awseome graphics. The Game cube would ge my second favorite because most of the games are like classic games. thes two gaming system i give a :thumbs: for. it's not that i hate X-box i mean i'm probablay getting one but the games on the system are basicly PS2 and GC leftovers if they don't want it X-box takes it or if PS2 and GC have a game they will try to make a spin off of it.!!!!!! So thats what i think.

posted by  big_E_dog5

I will always love Nintendo 64! The graphics weren't half bad, and way better than any Playstation 1 game I've played. N64 was one of the first consoles with 4 controller slots, making it my favorite system to play when i have friends over. Also the game selection included everything from MarioKart to Duke Nukem, Cruisin USA to James Bond Goldeneye, and the best sports game ever made: NFL Blitz!

posted by  moostang104314

Blitz is fckin awesome.

Why isn't PC in there? PCs are far superior to any game console out there.

posted by  Godlaus

Very True.

posted by  StiMan

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