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Well, although I'm not American, I'll continue, lol. The thread title says it all really! July 4th being tomorrow 'n all. Just a quick question, what do you do on this day? is it like a public holiday?

posted by  Cliffy

Oh yeah, the whole weekend actualy, I spent mine on a lake drinking and eatting and spending time with friends (also fireworks :rock: )

posted by  Voda48

Yes it is. Everyone gets lazy (like that's hard for us americans), has family get-togethers and light off a lot of fireworks once dark. :mrgreen:

posted by  Lizard King 6B

Yeah, it's a big holiday. The single most popular holiday for outdoor grilling in the US, and of course, one of the few reasons we get to set off fireworks (though every state has different rules. Some states don't all ow anything but sparklers and those little "worm" type things, where others allow full aerial displays by private citizens. Here in MD, we're about halfway inbetween now. We can't have bottle rockets or aerial mortars, but we can have the bigger fountain type displays, legally. And of course, there are teh commercial fireworks shows.

Gonna have friends over for the 4th, have a barbeque and set of a few hundred dollars worth of fireworks. We're only two blocks from the county police substation, so no "illegal" aerials for us.. :ohcrap: But we have the biggest "fountains" the law allows.

posted by  ChrisV

yeah, we have a barbeque, eat bratwursts, go out on the lake and watch them shoot fireworks above the dam.

posted by  Bubba

In Florida the only forbidden firework is M-80's and Firecrackers :wink2:

posted by  99integra

Not sure what's forbidden here, but does anybody know why it's not a good idea to stick roman candles in a sewer hole to hold them up? lol Some guy almost called the cops on us for that...That's right, we got to light fireworks before you :badrazz: lol JP

posted by  chris_knows

Hmmm BBQ, why was I not invited? I'll even bring a slab, some snags, a coleslaw, some prawns, a bottle of red, a pavlova, some lamingtons and a few snot blocks. Hell I'll even wave the flag if you like.:drool:

posted by  Wally

Come on down. We're doing a pig with all the fixin's, frying some catfish, too much beer, having a mini-tractor pull and backwards elimination races with my reverse only Hyundai Accents. Then after dark we'll start blowing things up. it should be a hoot. :wink2:

posted by  vwhobo

Yeah, I went to a party over the weekend to, in Bel Alton, we set off a ton of big aerials, rockets, bottle rockets, the ones that shoot up, explode, then hesitate then sparkle, everything. They had about 500$ worth of fireworks that lasted about 15 minutes or so, huge mess to clean up but worth it. :wink2: I'm not sure about most people, but during 4th of July I don't think many people pay attention to legalities, at least I know my family doesn't and the parties I have been to haven't.

posted by  Pythias

sounds like one hell of a day (and night),,, as far as i know im working :cry:
mind you, we dont celebrate the 4th july, but apparently sometime, we are going to get our own national holiday (as i read in the news paper, maybe one to commemorate the 7/7 attacks)

anyway, happy independance day!!!

posted by  True_Brit

Theres a sewer/tunnel around here where a little tiny stream runs through. It's undergrown about 10 feet and gets pitch black after 15 feet in. It's in the middle of nowhere by an oldfolks home so its pretty deserted. But anyways, we lit roman candles off in there as light and they would spiral around the sewer. (diamater is about 6-7 feet) It was pretty neat.

I know all firecrackers and shit are forbidden here because they aren't sold (still are lots of cherry bombs, M80s, blackcats, bottlerockets, etc. floating around though) but not sure for fireworks.

posted by  Benson

Here in Ma. ALL fireworks are illegal. Usually the cops don't show up unless somebody complains though. And if someone complains about fireworks on the 4th of July, well, damnit, that's grounds for deportation in my book.

posted by  giant016

Last year, we had the same amount as tonight, and it lasted almost an hour doing them sequentially.

Unfortunately, I live a block from the local county police substation and they can see ANYTHING I do, so if I shot off illegal aerials, they'd see it and know where it's coming from. Since they consider it a fire hazard, they don't play around. :ohcrap:

posted by  ChrisV

And yet my 4th of July thread goes un-noticed...:cry:

posted by  Satty101

happy july 4th :thumbs:
im sure its good

posted by  nighthawk

You made one too? lol :laughing:

So from what I've read, it's celebrated throughout Canada too? Forgive my ignornace, lol. How ya all have/had, a great time. The only time we get to really light fireworks is November 5th (Guy forkes (sp?) n all that!)!

EDIT: Screw you, Satty, I'm glad your thread went un-noticed....And you a man of authority, lol....jk

posted by  Cliffy

We used to have tractor pulls up here, but for some reason we stopped... too bad, they were a lot of fun.

posted by  Bubba

theres the firework championships in plymouth twice a year :laughing:
anyone had/having a good 4th july???

posted by  True_Brit

Its f*cking raining here :banghead:

posted by  99integra

ah, i cant stand it, here in pennsylvania, the fireworks suck ass. they are just those little fountains. anything that leaves the ground and/or explodes is illegal... i hate it :cussing: :ohcrap: :cussing:

posted by  starscream0

its sunny here earlier

posted by  True_Brit

I heard a few Fireworks yesterday, not sure if they were July 4th related, but it's strange either way, lol.

posted by  Cliffy

In WI you can only light fountian BS fireworks too. But I bought 300 somethin firecrackers, some REAL M-80s, few hundred bottle rockets, and a shitload of Saturn Missles (Like, 4 200 shot ones):mrgreen:

posted by  Satty101

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