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Just made one, post yours too!

posted by  99integra

I have to update mine, just click my sig. I'll try to update it when I get home from work later tonight.

posted by  elchango36

I added you! :wink2:

posted by  99integra

posted by  ChrisV

That '81 Spider makes me drool. They didn't last too long on the market in Canada supposedly due to our winters, nonetheless nothing beats the styling of 70 to early 80s 'Italians'. Beautiful job man.

posted by  Newspeak

posted by  Bubba

posted by  mazda6man

you did well to restore that, how long did it take??
its a nice one too!

posted by  True_Brit

mine's not on cardomain but look at the first 8 pics for my car
other stuff there too

posted by  nighthawk

what is it???

posted by  True_Brit

1986 pontiac grand prix, just got it 2 days ago :smoke:

posted by  nighthawk

how big is the engine and whats the performance???
just wondering thats all

posted by  True_Brit

305 cid V8 5.0 liter

hp = not much

torque = about enough

its a 4000+ lb car so its no racer :laughing:

posted by  nighthawk

really big then!
ive got a 1993 Ford Escort mk5a Naturally Aspirated 1600cc EFi with 110hp
0-60 in whenever it gets there
does 130mph top end and cant keep up with a fiat 1100cc
and its a convertible

posted by  True_Brit

It's never done... I just put a new engine in it a week ago because, lol, I couldn't change the timing belt on the old one... The crank pully nut would not come off like it was supposed to, after trying a few dozen different tactics. So I found a low mileage late model engine for $100 and bolted it in...

posted by  ChrisV

^^ Beretta GTZ

^^ Grand Am

Don't bother adding me, I never go on there anymore...

posted by  Satty101

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