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Went camping for the Canada Day long weekend (July 1st) at Golden Ears Provincial Park (55,590 hectares of wilderness, its a damn big park), which is here in BC.

Had a great time, here's some pics!

Here's the site all nicely set up...
Here's me a litte annoyed at the camera:
Ok thats better (my girlfriend Shawna)
And with my friend Shayna (not Shawna). The heart behind us is a total fluke.
My friend Philip, aka Pip:
Looking awkward on the bike:
This photo is so cool, I don't know why. Kicking a ball around the main road of our campsite...

posted by  Mathew

The beach and lake....guess we could have taken a better photo, the lake is huge..
Time to get drunk:mrgreen: Cookies if you can tell what I'm holding...

SO yeah I hope to go back again this summer...this is the second time already and the last time was my first time camping ever! If you can believe that...its sad I know.

posted by  Mathew

Wow.. only those Canucks. I would never go camping in a forrest, too crazy for me :rolleyes: :laughing: Just playing seems like a good time. I hope to visit and/or move to BC. I kind of have a thing for the wilderness. I hate being close to the city and shit. It's too crowded.

posted by  Benson

Its a good mix of wilderness and civilization. You get a plot of gravel with a picnic bench, fire pit, and space for tent(s) and car(s). Basically theres a road that goes around the camp, and all the sites branch off from it. You're close enough to see other campers, but not hear them. Everything else around you is forest, and trails. The campground itself is about 20 minutes drive through the forest from Maple Ridge, a small town.

Some people bring huge camper vans. That annoys me.

posted by  Mathew

looks like a corona.

posted by  dodgerforlife

You're a better man than I. My idea of roughing it is black and white TV, warm beer and double ply toilet paper.

posted by  Wally

Good for you going camping. Tons of fun. I used to go camping out in the big parks in teh NW with teh Boy Scouts, and have camped in that park, even.

A coupl eyears ago, some buddies and i went tent camping out in the wilds of souothwestern Pennsylvania on a weekend that we were also going white water rafting. Fun times.

Now I'm one of those people that annoy you, as I go "camping" in my classic Winnebago:

posted by  ChrisV

sweet camper lol
I used to go camping all the time when i was young, but I Dont have enough time and money for that now :laughing:

posted by  nighthawk

Oh yeah, whys this in General Discussions, Mathew? :doh: :laughing:

Edit: And Cliff moves it 5 minutes after I mention it.

posted by  Benson

I like the look of your camper Chris.. it looks like it's moving when it's really sitting still (just the shape of the front) lol.

I've only been camping a couple times in the actual woods, and a few times in local parks lol.. my family never was really into the outdoor activities..

posted by  car_crazy89

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