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Bo yeah!

posted by  GreekWarrior


posted by  glagon1979

more room inside the turbo then inside the cylinders:laughing:
its the import version of this

posted by  nighthawk

Shit, driving that wouldn't be all that great I presume. You could hear that there was quite a bit of turbo lag as it so often is with turbos increasing in size. Imagine...the point in RPMs when that turbo suddenly kicks in creating 1200hp along with the rest of the motor...that Supra would most likely be quite uncontrollable.:smoke:

Nonetheless...I want one.:mrgreen:

posted by  Newspeak

So are we supposed to take his word for it that he maxed out the dyno and is making 1200hp+? Wheres the dyno sheet? When you make a pull you usually show it.

posted by  Benson

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