Central florida race meet

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No not illegal street racing!!! this july 10th, this friday I'm trying to get as many people to meet up at the Biftlo speedworld raceway, its a drag strip its open from 6-10:30 and it costs $15 to race, and $10 to just watch, the address is 19164 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando FL. 32820. if you need anymore info just ask, maybe everyone could hit up a steak and shake afterwards and talk about cars...:thumbs:

posted by  z24cavy99

I might be in IDK, I was at Bithlo last weekend watchin my grammpa drag his SE-R, quick lil sumbitch

posted by  99integra

But Steven you should go! You can even tell him about the 8-sec Integra that you once had!

posted by  Pythias

Haha shut up :doh:

posted by  99integra

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