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this is horrific but do you have any idea when and what race this was??? 873&n=2

posted by  True_Brit

Thats so brutal.:ohcrap:

posted by  Spade

Guy suffered from serious burns but survived thank mostly by a help of a fellow driver, the marshals were doing too little to help him so he sued them.

That race was at Fuji Speedway back in 98.

posted by  fudge

thanks for that, ive seen it so many times before, tried finding out and found nothing relating to it!

posted by  True_Brit

I wonder if he had a fire extinguiser onborad..... :laughing: :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

heres another one

its in the video choice, its called 2 Rally Crashes

posted by  True_Brit

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