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.....did anyone noitce the REAL drift king, Keiichi Tsuchiya (the dude in my avatar) in the movie? haha i thought that was cool. :mrgreen:

I just saw the movie before, yeah I know it came out ages ago but I like to wait a bit and then go and see movies, i went to see it with my mate after we were running around all day trying to get his beemer on the road.

But anyway my real question is how much would it cost to put an rb26dett in a mustang? My budget is $300.

haha just kidding. :laughing:

posted by  GreekWarrior

It was in the FFTD thread

posted by  Spanky2324


----havent seen it yeat, but it looks like another fast and the furious... 3FAST 3 FURIOUS YO

posted by  mazda6man

lol, fast and the furious makes me giggle

posted by  EdenGenesis

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