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Hey, to start off I own a 66 Mustang. It was about a 6 year project. I replaced the engine with a 351 Windser and made many modifications. Its running a little over 400 HPs. I flared out her wheel wells to make her look a little beefier.. haha and also lowered her a few inches. Also put scoops on the sides and the hood. Replaced the entire air intake and exaust. She looks like the Shelby from Gone in 60 Seconds except not a fast back. sorry about the blabber.. I'm just really proud of her. Anyway, i was blasting the new rush cd (which comes with the new dvd set replay 3) in my mustang. it is the best car music ever. who agrees with me??

posted by  john66mustang

Personally...I love the music also!

But on another note, this post is borderline advertising, however I cannot understand why someone would go thru the trouble of all this and then advertise the website for an old school rock band.

So for now, I'll simply edit it out and leave your post. I hope you understand as this forum has a no advertising policy. Banning is the normal procedure for first post ads.

posted by  BavarianWheels

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