Spooky $20 dollar bill

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take a look at this!

posted by  True_Brit


posted by  Benson

In my opinion, its all bullshit.

Anything is open to interpretation, with enough folding you'd get a cherry tree or a middle finger, doesnt really mean anything.

posted by  Spade

There has been stuff like this before, with the old five dollar bill and I think the 10. By the way, his math is poor. 9/11 is 9 divided by 11 = .8181

posted by  Voda48

i knew it'd be coincidence, i just find it strange, i was looking up "Illusions" on google and this came up!

posted by  True_Brit

i think what he meant is 9+11=20,,,,,,hence the use of the $20 dollar bill

posted by  True_Brit

Someone had a lot of free time on their hands to figure out all of that crap. Its like when you look at the clouds...some people see one thing and upon pointing it out to someone else who couldn't see it at first, they can all the sudden see it too. Ahh the power of suggestion!

posted by  97Talonchik

The volatile US dollars :mrgreen:

posted by  Wally

do you reckon Osama was so named because they new they could fold an American banknote to spell his name?

posted by  windsonian

probably.......tonight, i think i might find out what i can do with a £20 pound note lol:mrgreen: (apart from spending it that is!!!)

posted by  True_Brit


posted by  jedimario

i dunno... you can fold certain bills to say "tits of america" think that's why they're called that? btw, their counting is off a little, too. "trade city" has 9 letters and "world trade center" has 16 letters...:screwy:

posted by  dodger65

attention needy people with to much time... thats all they are...

posted by  mazda6man

Did it form a tube train?.....I've NEVER got any £20 notes :laughing:

I've seen that before....very spooky, lol

posted by  Cliffy

Thats freaky... the building burning when its folded on the US $20 bill...


posted by  Jordan Pardy

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