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To a particular request, here's what's new with me.

So, I've been away a couple weeks from the forum, and it's probably going to stay that way for a while. I'll be coming back sporadically, but not too much.

So why not? Because I just got a dream job. I'm working as a car salesman at a Ford dealership. It's hard work, but the money there is insane. Your pay is based directly off of your work. You work hard, you make ludicrous amounts of cash. You slack off, you make minimum wage. It's a cool life. There's a lot of statistics to remember, but it's a fun job.

Anybody want to know anything about the automotive sales trade, or just anything in particular?

posted by  Godlaus

Yeah how did you, and how can I get a job at a Ford Dealership? Is age (18) a requirement? Experience?

posted by  Pythias

my step- dad sells cars.... kinda stupid i think... cause he makes no more than the next guy

posted by  starscream0

It's a Ford thing, lol, jk. I sold windows for a living a couple of years ago, and believe me, they're the hardest things to sell because nobody wants them, the wages were purely commision based, too, no basic salary (even if the basic is mostly ridiculous anyway). Good luck though!

posted by  Cliffy

How do I get you to bring down the price? Where do dealers rape people (options, interest rates)? Do you play the waiting game? How do you convince Chevy guy to buy Ford? What's the coolest car you've sold?

posted by  elchango36

I know it's not my question lol, but we used to have the prices set higher than they should be, so as to have room to haggle, that was with one of the less reputable companies though, the better company I worked for really did offer a no obligation quotation, they relied more on their Reps personality and skill, to sell the items!

posted by  Cliffy

Bump, come on Godlaus, answer some questions.

posted by  Pythias

Ford doesn't deal with educated people. We make most of our money on those ignorant enough to believe whatever we believe them. Walk in there with the invoice price, the KBB on your car, and offer them 500 over invoice. After walking through all of the rituals, (and don't fill out the credit app until after you buy the car), tell them that they paid X amount for the car before the rebates, and that you'll pay 500 over invoice. They'll accept. lastly, DON'T FALL IN LOVE WITH THE CAR. The reason why we're so eager to get you into the car is to get you to fall in love with it. It doesn't matter if it's a focus, fusion, or five hundred, as soon as people drive it, it's hard for them to let it go. So they buy for sticker. Don't fall in love, and shop around.

And Dealers really rape ignorant people. No joke, we've sold a 140 month LEASE before, and sold a focus that goes for 18k for 24k.

And I have yet to sell a "cool" car. The GT500s aren't in yet, and there aren't amyn mustang buyers that are there to actually buy.

To convince a chevy guy to buy ford, you outline how much is better, and all the small things. For example,

-The F-series is the best selling truck in america.
-The doors on the F-series are bolted directly to the frame, so there's no sagging, and you can actually hang from the doors ith no problem.
-Every single edge of metal on the F-series is rounded, so there's no possible way to cut yourself. Ford knows how to engineer their trucks. Chevh has tons of sharp edges on their sheet metal. Also, our metal is laser cut.
-Payload on the F-150 with the proper package is 3000, and towing a maximum of 8900.
-A bed that's bolted directly to the frame, unlike chevy, that won't squeek or move around.
-Fully enclosed tow hooks for durability and strength
-85% of maximum torque available at 1500rpm

Also, all F-150 buyers are repeat buyers, so you just need to tell them what's new. (Bolted down bed, personal safety system to save you $2,000, updated class IV towing package. New chrome 18" wheels and chromed bumpers with telescoping knockaround heated mirrors)

Then he's not a good salesman. The top salesman at our work makes over 150k a year. The worst makes minimum wage. It all depends on your work ethic and salesman quality.

18 is a requirement. It's 40-55 hour work weeks. Walk in, dressed professionally, and ask for an interview. Tell them that you're there to make a lot of money, and you'll do anything to make that money. Also, say that you'll be setting your life aside for this job.

Experience is a must at the larger ones if you don't have any sales experience.

posted by  Godlaus

I see... well that defn isn't an option for me I don't believe lol, I'm starting college in awhile and I don't think I could cut a 40-55 hour work week. It would be nice to work at a Ford dealership... but I don't think they'd hire me.

posted by  Pythias

Sorry to jump in on this late, but are you at all nervous about the Sales beating the Big 3 are taking all over the country, and what are your bosses saying or doing to boost company morale in light of that?

posted by  JaneiR36

Nothing, really. We aren't really worried about it, seeing as how roughly a third of our business is loyal repeat, and our system sells cars the same day as the walk-in. Also, we're fairly relaxed and low-pressure compared to other comparable asian dealers. Not many people want to buy corollas when the salesman are assholes.
Regardless, we're one of the biggest dealers in the state, we don't have too many worries.

posted by  Godlaus

wow. That's fairly insulated from what I assumed to be the national dynamic. On the news, I saw new cars in the Big 3 show rooms tend to sit there almost three times longer than Hondas and Toyotas. Something like an average of 30 to 33 days for the imports and 70 to 80 days for American-made. It was pretty much a gloom and doom message, but you guys seem to be doing okay for yourselves.

posted by  JaneiR36

That would be a pretty fun job...There's like 7 or 8 dealerships within 5 miles of my house but I couldn't go for 2 more years and I haven't seen anybody under 20-something working there lol...

Now, my question is how much commission do you guys get?

posted by  chris_knows

Possibly, but there's no real worries flying around. We're still taking in roughly 4 million in gross profit every month.

I think we're actually increasing our profit over last year, too.

posted by  Godlaus

Depends on the dealer. I get 25% of front-end gross profit.

posted by  Godlaus

That might get ya in a Position you dont wanna be in. :laughing:
and also how do only quote parts of sentances?

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Just delete certain text within the quote brackets.

posted by  jedimario

what is the car u sell the most

posted by  81-camaro

The Ford Focus. My biggest pays have been with the Mustangs, though.
(In particular request about the lying)

I definitely should've made that more clear.

You're going to lie your ass off at the dealership if you get the job. However, you're going to lie to customers, not the crew chief.

All of the managers there are extremely fine-tuned lie detectors. They can tell immediately when you try to feed them a line of BS. Also, they'll take it as an extreme insult because you're treating them like a customer, not a manager.

One of the best closes a manager has done for me, was a 23 year old kid. He was just promoted to Criew chief, and was closing on of my deals for me (if you've ever seen Boiler Room, think of that scene with Vin Diesel. And if you haven't seen the movie, go see it, You won't regret it.) Anyway, this guy was closing one of my deals with a lady for a 1994 F-250. The car was a diesel and had 130,000 miles on it. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the car to start, and yet, my manager was still able to sell the car to her because he was lying his ass off, telling her that he had a mechanic down next to the car fixing it right now, and that they were putting in a new battery, and they had a big block pumping the battery full of juice, etc. etc. The customer kept on asking questions, but he kept on throwing more and more lies at her. It was quite suprising, and a hell of a performance. So, be prepared to lie, but only to customers.
One of the greatest analogies, is that selling cars is like talking to a girl that you want a one-night stand with. It doesn't matter what you say, as you can lie all you want, because the girl can't prove you wrong. Say that you're a fcking doctor. Say that you were an agent for Mark Wahlberg. Say that you're a Shark Hunter. Say that you're a 2nd string CB for the saints. She asks questions about your job? Just lie more. She won't be able to prove you wrong. It doesn't matter whether or not it's true, it's merely how flashy it is, and how it sounds.

So what do you do for a living?
Oh, I play football for the saints.
The New Orleans Saints?
Yeah, I'm their 2nd string corner.
Oh my god! So I see you on TV whenever I watch the games?
Occasionally, I get a lot less play time than Mike.
Who's Mike?
He's the starting Corner.

posted by  Godlaus

Interesting. I can relate very much to the closing of the deals, as I've been there, albeit in a different field (the fundermentals are the same).

posted by  Cliffy

Sales is a great job, I loved it when I was doing it. It's especially fun if your an outgoing person and you love competition.

posted by  Zalight

Unfortunately, you probably won't see your one night stand chick again.

Customers ... you want to return, and not only that, they CAN and LIKELY WILL return.

Btw, that thing about selling the broken pickup? Illegal. 100% illegal, but it's difficult to prove.

posted by  Car hippie

Godlaus, I took your advice and watched Boiler Room. You were right, it was a good movie...But I have a question; do you guys really say whatever it takes; like in Borat, when the dealer says "Going over 35 in this thing, and you'll probably kill somebody"...Does that really happen?

posted by  chris_knows

Customers who buy cars from us will only come back once every five to ten years. We don't worry about repeat customers to ourselves. What we want are references, and with my bullshlt, I have roughly a 5% reference rate. People always remember what I have to say, and tell other people about me. Plus, nobody's ever going to challenge what I say.

Who said it was broken? The battery was dead, and the battery on diesels is a bitch to recharge. We just couldn't start it and give her a test drive. It was NOT broken.

This is illegal ->
http://archives.seattletimes.nwsource.com/cgi-bin/texis.cgi/web/vortex/disp lay?slug=huling20m&date=20070120&query=car+dealership

http://archives.seattletimes.nwsource.com/cgi-bin/texis.cgi/web/vortex/disp lay?slug=huling09m&date=20070209&query=car+dealership


If they aska stupid question like that, then yeah, we'll tell them the truth. But, if they ask a question that has a negative answer, we twist it around. For example, if someone asks what gasoline that the Mustang takes, we don't like to say premium, simply because it's a turn offs to potential customers. So, what we say is something along the lines of:

"I believe it takes the middle one. I can't say for sure, but I'll find out for you. Besides, even if it takes premium, the sound and power that results from it are well worth the extra 2 dollars a fill-up."

posted by  Godlaus

I personally know more than one person with a fleet of over 10 vehicles, and let me tell you these guys browse the dealerships all week, and test drive many cars, bought over 20 vehicles over the last 10 years from various dealers, and the stories i hear about the salesmen is freakin hilarious, i do hope you realize this day in age godlaus that 90 % of people will already know what they want and have every spec known to man about the vehicle they are willing to spend 40 grand on, so you better be careful how much BS you feed them, i bet over half know your full of crap and hey the old saying goes, if you have a bad meal at a restaurant 10 of your friends will find out, if you have a great meal.... probably only 1 or 2 friends will ever hear of it, so dont let it get around ;) just some words of advice....im sure you know this already

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Of course I realize that.

We treat people that come in and know what they want and what they want to pay, exactly the way they want to be treated. We transform ourselves to the customer.

But 90%? No. Sorry. Not in my geographic anyway. And I've learned to hold my BS against the smart ones. I don't make a lot of money by not knowing what I'm doing.

posted by  Godlaus

Your training is the reason you won't really succeed in the car sales business. No need for the lies. Today's customer isn't as dumb.

All of you do is get the customer to like the car...then the customer sets out to different dealerships to find the cheapest price for the car you've just busted your ass to get them to like...because you are a liar and they see through it.

You are the reason I like high-end dealearships. They don't train their sales people about how to get a sale, only about the cars. They don't want your obnoxious bullshit attitude.

posted by  What

I've never read so many wrong statements in one post before, from you, 'What'.

My training is the reason why I succeed in the car sales business. Not only did I maked top salesman, but I was offered a management position, had I stuck around long enough.

All I do is get the customer to like me AND the car. And yes, I'm a liar when it comes out to my advantage, and doesn't hurt anyone.

Someone who runs around looking for the cheapest price, like you, is what we call a 'moocher'. Someone who wouldn't buy 100 dollars for 10 bucks, but rather fight to buy it for $5.

You are what we call a power tripper. Meaning, we don't bullshit around with you like we bullshit with other people. I take people like you very professionally. I tell you why it is in your best interest to buy from us, and why we offer the best product, and why we are the best choice. I then clear you by the manager, who will either let you go, because we know we'll see you again, or take you down right then.

Also, closes are done by my bosses, the professionals. I don't do my own closes because I'm regarded as too young. Most middle age men don't like teenagers messing around with their money, it's considered disrespectful.
Don't fcking act like you know anything, asshat. You know nothing.

posted by  Godlaus

That's not mooching, that's smart buying. We're not talking about saving $5 here, we're saving hundreds or thousands.

So they offered a management position to someone who's too young to do his own sales work? Why didn't they offer you that job first?

posted by  windsonian

Sure. If you don't care about anyone else except yourself. We're in this business to make money.

We say we want to make 500 bucks on this deal. You say no. We say we want to offer you invoice. You say you want 5k under it. We say we'll offer you 1500 under, where we LOSE money, and you say you want 3k under.

That's not smart-buying, that's being a moocher.

posted by  Godlaus

What? So as a customer I should be out to help the dealership out?

And the buyer is in the market to save money.

You can't have it both ways. You're there to make money, and yet you want the customer to think about you? Why not say: "The customer is out to save money, so the dealership would only keep the price higher if they don't care about anyone but themselves".

You say you're there to make money, and if the customer wants to give you less money, then he's mooching off you? Please. Don't sell it then, then he'll go and find a dealer that will. The dealer's happy, he's happy, and sorry, you miss out. That's business.

posted by  windsonian

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