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This is a vent from last night.

It started when my sister was fussing at her husband to clean up after himself. She supposedly threw a tray table at him. Which in turn made him grab her and beat her sense less. He locked her in a room, took her keys, purse, and money. My sister had her phone and called my Mom. Why she didnt call 911 first is beyond me. My Mom goes over there and gets her out. And brings her and her pug over here. My neighbor who is a nurse checks her over while my Mom trys to get ahold of the police but since it didnt happen in the city, the damn city police wont come. It has to be the county police or something like that. To make a long story short.. I didnt even recognize her... My own sister. She spent the rest of the evening at the ER with my Mom and 4 police officers.

Why would a man beat his wife? Why would any man ever strike a women? Yeah I could understand if she was attacking him and endangering his life he would protect himself.. But a damn tray table...... :cry: :cry:

posted by  SyntheticTrust

I remember a while ago you mentioned your sister was marrying someone whom she shouldn't...I'm guessing it was him? :ohcrap: I can't see why anyone would do that to a girl without some really serious reasons...I hope he gets what he deserves and she gets better

posted by  chris_knows

I hope shes not that f*cking stupid to let him come back into her house or take him back in general. :ohcrap: I'm sorry I know what its like, my aunt was beaten up pretty bad by my drunk uncle after he came back from hunting, my little cousins saw it all, took his rifle and beat her with the butt of it. :ohcrap: Best thing for her to do is put a restraining order on him and never go back. Again I'm sorry for whats happened its hard. :ohcrap:

posted by  99integra

i cant stand that shit. all men who beat thier wives need to be publicly casterated(sp). my wifes sister had that happen to her. thanks to me, he wont be hitting her again because i hit him like he hit her but much harder. now he respects me and the rest of her family. hmmmmm.....maybe i should take a vacation and come down there and spread a little more love :thumbs:

posted by  glagon1979

Yea, defending yourself is one thing but that's way over the line. I agree w/ Glagon, your sister's husband needs to have a close encounter with a Louisville Slugger. :ticking:

posted by  Lizard King 6B

That is just messed up. Never would I ever hit my wife for whatever she has done. Plus when your with a hispanic chick I would say I should be scared:laughing: But aside from that I went through the same with my mom and cera I hope your sis is okay.

posted by  Spanky2324

That's terrible. My sister had a similar experience with her ex, he imprisoned her and their two children (1 was 18-months at the time, the other was 4yrs) and threatened them with a meat clever, myself and the wife turned up just as he'd beed arrested, there was a few Police cars there to say the least :ohcrap: . He served only 18-months of his three year prison sentence and is now wanting to see his kids again :screwy:

I hope you sister doesn't take him back as that seems to be the case alot of the time :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

that is horrible im sorry to hear that hopefully she won't .et thah happen again and hopefully he gets what he deserves which is an ass beating or jail:banghead: men who beat women are the scum of the earth and deserve to be treated the same:banghead: :2cents:

posted by  mx3_monster

Then, women who beat men should be locked up too, it works the same way sometimes, only men are less likely to report it due to the inevitable embaressment, not tha I'm a battered husband!

posted by  Cliffy

Thats horrible, it always makes me cringe when I hear something like that. Remember now, its up to your sister to press charges and get him locked up, or at least punished in some way by the law. If she forgives him, and it happens again, she can only blame herself. I don't mean to generalize, but too often women let these things happen to themselves when they could have done something.

posted by  Mathew

Is this the same sister we suggested should visit this forum and get some good advice before commiting to the coward?

Anyway when he shows up with a conciliatory gift and a promise never to do it again, go out and buy the same item and give it to your sister and promise you will never batter her again either. Continue offering her the same promises as he does, eventually she will see his folly as you mock is attempts.

posted by  Wally

This reminds me of a story when i was growing up, i would hassle the crap outa my older brother, and bug him constantly and when i didnt get my way i would thro a tray table at him, and blamo he popped me right in the kisser, then camel clucthed me till i couldnt breath then he sleeper held me until i blacked out, when i came too i learned a valuable lessonyou cant just bloody well throw things at people and not expect your ass to get beaten, thats the way it goes.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Indeed it is.

posted by  SyntheticTrust

The Police canm make arrests for Domestic violence even without the victim wanting to persue the allegation, that's how it is here now atleast!

posted by  Cliffy

Update, my sisters dad flew in from Warren MI last night. He and my sister spent all day making trips getting all her furniture and valuables out of her house and storing them at my Aunts vaction lake house.

Russel (the husband) spent 24 hours in jail. He got out on bond, kicked in the door at my sisters place when no one was there, got his pitbull and left. He showed back up today with two trucks when my sister and her dad were there. I dont know all the details but my Mom said Dean and Russel got into it and Dean beat Russel. Blood on Russel's shirt. Russel called his Mom. Police were called again.

Dean is a police officer in MI so I guess he can get away with hitting Russel because he didnt get arrested.

Kim filed for divorce after only being married 9 months. I'm so proud she's finally doing the right thing for once.

Only one problem.. Russel did some renovation at my Aunts vacation house. She lives in downtown New Orleans so she's only here once a week until she moves here permantly. Russel knows where the house is and I'm sure if he wants the furniture bad enough, he'll be stupid enough to break in and steal it. My Aunts going to have the Lake Security patrol her house while she's not there. Let's hope Russel isnt stupid enough to make anymore wrong decisions...

Drama drama drama...

posted by  SyntheticTrust

I'm suprised he got away with that one....

Can you get divorced after only 9-months over there? Or is it due to circumstances?

posted by  Cliffy

I'm guessing you can. My ex boyfriend is getting a divorce after only being married for 1 and 1/2 months.

posted by  SyntheticTrust

Lol, I dont think I'll be doing that. My money is limited. Although it does recharge every 1st of the month. She'll have to decide this one on her own.

posted by  SyntheticTrust

They were commited to each other then.....:doh:

posted by  Cliffy

Yeah tell me about it.

posted by  SyntheticTrust

i think the problem lies within both people. people seem to act differently when they arent married, and then boom, wedding bells chime and its almost instant, they change. i've had thoughts and i've only been married 2 months. its like she changed overnight. i've warned her a couple of times now and she seem to be getting better. we will see...........:wink2:

posted by  glagon1979

I know what you was the same with me, we've been married four years now :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

it's an annulment then, isn't it?

posted by  windsonian

I thought that was when ya got married and weren't in sane mind when you done it, or similar circumstances and wanted out....maybe it has a vaster meaning!

posted by  Cliffy

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