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^^evidence of the ammount of Gay in Emo^^

By now you have probably heard the term “emo” used once or twice on the radio or while you’ve been out and about, but maybe you’re not familiar with what it is. In short, “emo” is an abbreviation for “emotional” – much in the same way that “bull” can be used as an abbreviation for “bullshit,” or “gay” can be used as an abbreviation for “homosexual.”

It’s an “evolution of punk” – these singers who think they’re edgy and emotional sing about emotional topics and preach to emotionally charged crowds of emotional teens. They’re single-handedly turning the teen male demographic into a bunch of crying pussies. And while all this is going on, girls are listening to R&B. They’re the ones listening to songs about scoring while guys are crying about broken relationships. What I want to know is what the hell happened to the Teen Male? When I was in high school we had two things on our minds – how to get a chick to go out with you, and how to get a chick to have sex with you. Boom. That was it. There was none of this crying game bullshit – that’s what makes women women. Women cry, men **** – end of story. It’s the rules of nature. But this emo music is changing everything. I mean, even nature’s taking a step back and saying, “What the hell? That’s ****ed up!”

Honestly, people. I went into a music store the other day and the freak behind the counter started hugging me like I was a member of his women united group. Listen buddy, I don’t come to a music store to get recruited into the Women’s Breast Cancer Association; I want some rock n’ roll, man – deal with it. And then, worst of all, the music stores are splitting this shit up. You go in and it’s a million rows of emo music. You’ve got to practically crawl through a cubbyhole in the back of the store to find a single rack of rock music, and then all this to find out some ****ing asshole was too lazy to put his emo music back on the shelf and half the rock section is crammed with out-of-place emo albums.

And did you ever notice how these emo bands all have the most pathetic names you could ever imagine? “Taking Back Sunday,” for example. What the hell is that even supposed to mean? What is there to take back? Last time I checked my calendar nothing’s been taken. Let’s see – Sunday: no work, skip church – sounds like a normal Sunday to me. What the **** do they think happened on Sunday? Someone missed a few US History classes. But maybe that’s because they were outside school crying about how they have no friends.

You know, at least in the seventies we had some kind of cause. There was Vietnam and these protestors were actually fighting for something. What are kids fighting for today? Nothing. “Taking back Sunday” – yeah right, asshole, say that while you’re sitting in your stretch limo getting ready to board a private jet to London. A real anarchist, man. Don’t forget to call Paris Hilton and re-schedule that party for Saturday.

In the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s rock had a backbone. There was experience there. Corruption of naivety. Some criticizers of the “anti-emo movement” claim that The Doors were an early form of emo. Yeah, right. Jim Morrison went through that shit he sang about. He lived it. He fled home, he lived on the streets. Were his songs self-absorbed and focused on death? A majority of them, yes. But it was far more mature than any emo band has ever managed to be.

These rock stars from back then did it - they made it on their own and they sung about stuff that they experienced. And when they got all weepy on you it didn’t sound like some 20-something loser pining because his rich-bitch girlfriend walked out on him after he wouldn’t tell her which $2,000 necklace looked better around her neck. It meant something because you knew they meant it and they deserved it. I could give a **** what some spoiled Pasadena brat thinks of life. When we were teens we thought everything was terrible – “Life is so bad, life is so terrible, nobody likes me.” I went through that shit already, I don’t need to waste my time listening to some prissy asshole thinks about it. If I wanted that I would have volunteered at the Youth Center, but frankly I don’t have the time or patience to deal with trying to convince some depressed asshole that he’s significant. Chances are he isn’t and if he’s already into emo then there’s no point trying to salvage his life – he might as well commit suicide, because he’s just a stain on society. (Note: That’s a joke.)

I just can’t bear the idea of these emo assbites sitting in their bedrooms crying to each other. These “oppressed” kids who drive $30,000 SUVs, are getting paid college tuition, don’t have to pay for rent or food, keep all their intake, have computers and TVs in their bedrooms and have high-speed Internet access. Emo is worse than Vanilla Ice. The Ice Man was a poser but at least his music mirrored his upbeat upbringing – emo bands wallow in their own self-loathing and focus all the blame on the rest of the world, pretending as if it’s everybody else’s fault that they didn’t get laid until they actually started touring as a band and AIDS-infected groupies raped them off-stage.

Here’s an idea for all aspiring emo bands out there – grow up. In ten years all the current emo bands out there are going to be nonexistent; you know why? Because they’re all going to wake up one morning and look at themselves in the mirror and realize how ****ing stupid they look. Anyone over the age of 30 who listens to emo is either completely brain dead or never matured past the age of 18. I’m going to quote Denis Leary here for a moment, because in my opinion he really sums this whole generation up so well:

“Kids come out of rehab – ‘Well, you know, I became an alcoholic because my parents didn’t love me and I found out my parents used to hit me’ – hey, my parents used to kick the living shit out of me, and looking back on it I’m glad they did… There’s therapy for ya. ‘My life didn’t turn out the way I thought it would’ – hey, join the ****IN’ CLUB! I thought I was gonna be starting center fielder for the Boston Red Sox – life sucks, get a helmet.”

But, I mean, at least when you and I were growing up we couldn’t do anything about it. We had a few years of self-pity and then we outgrew it. But today kids are acting on their emotions. Read the headlines recently? This kid David Ludwig in Pennsylvania (within a very close proximity of my own house) murdered his 14-year-old girlfriend’s parents because they didn’t want him to go out with her due to his age. He’s 18 years old and they were having an intimate relationship. After he murdered her parents, the girl went willingly with him and they drove off. He said they just “wanted to get away.” They also both said they were deeply in love and no one understood it, blah blah blah. Authorities later recovered a Xanga account. Guess what? He was an emo kid.

Look, here’s a clue you ****ing dolt: You’re a legal adult and your girlfriend is barely a teenager? GET A LIFE! You’ve got the rest of your time on earth to pine about falling in love – and if you’re going to fall in love, make sure you don’t become a damn pedophile in the process.

And now an 18-year-old self-described Satanist kidnapped two kids (boy and girl) from the South Side, supposedly because he wanted to carve a pentagram on the six-year-old girl’s chest to “win back his girlfriend.”

Okay, wake-up call – last time I checked the only way you’re going to win back a “girlfriend” by carving a pentagram on a young girl’s chest is if:

a) Your “girlfriend” lives in your head
b) She is related to the Manson family
c) She’s a ****ing nutcase

The Columbine shootings, all the teen violence that has been erupting in recent years – we all point fingers at the media and that’s too ****ing easy. No, no, no. Anyone can say, “Blame TV – there’s too much violence.” Goddamn it, I grew up glued to the ****ing tube 24/7 and I watched ****ing violence all day long and I never once felt the need to pick up a gun and go shoot my girlfriend’s parents because we were arguing. You know why? Because I wasn’t catered to like a ****ing prince. And I didn’t whine to everyone about my existence.

You want pain? Go take a plane to Africa (I’m sure your parents can afford it) and visit some of the starving children. Don’t forget to take your iPod with you, though. And don’t forget the laptop. Damn, how will you be able to check your emails without Internet connection? And what’s that – no electricity? No running water? Holy shit! What the hell is going on?!
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"""yes, this is a c/p but i really dislike emo people so i thought i would post one of the best rants on them i could find"""

posted by  starscream0

Before you start counting your curses, start counting your blessings. “My parents are mean, they try to control me” – listen pal, if you’ve got a roof over your head and food on the table, consider yourself a ****ing king. There are people out there in the world that would kill to have one day in your shoes. Everything you take for granted around you isn’t just “there.” And the reason people grow out of their self-pity after the age of 18 is because once they get out into the real world their eyes open up pretty ****ing fast. That’s when the shit hits the fan and you realize just how easy you had it. I heard a girl I worked with as a teenager complain once that her mom was a lazy bitch because she wouldn’t cook her food. Let me ask you something – when was the last time you made your mother dinner? And that paycheck in your hand – do you get to keep all that money? Because kids during the Industrial Revolution worked minimum wage and you know what they did with their money? No, they didn’t complain to their friends about how their parents don’t let them spend all the money they make – kids back then would hand over the six cents they made every day to their parents so they could afford a slice of bread to share.

Here’s a wild idea, okay. Take an emo kid from today, get a ****ing time machine and put him back in, say, 1901. Put him in New York City and get him a job at a steel factory. See how far his bitching gets him then. Does anyone else find it somewhat coincidental that there were no domestic teen shootings back then like we have today?

I agree to a certain extent that the media has an influence on society (in fact, I agree very much) but the media is not solely to blame… where are the parents during this? “Oh, he wouldn’t let me ask him questions about what he was doing on his computer. He wouldn’t let me tell him to turn down his music. He wouldn’t let me come in the room without knocking. He wouldn’t let me look at his text messages or emails. He wouldn’t talk to me.”

Give me a ****ing break. That’s what parenting is, people – it’s grabbing your kid by the ****ing throat and beating the ever-loving shit out of them. Kids today just get away with too much. Did we have as many teen shootings today as we did in the ‘70s and ‘80s? Hell no! It’s because parenting has gone down the drain. Kids are given too much liberty today. They’re selfish, self-absorbed and pathetic.

Emo music is their fuel. They lock themselves away in their bedrooms listening to this shit that pollutes their brain. “Oh, but this music speaks to me – you wouldn’t understand, you don’t understand me, no one understands me…but the music does.” Get a ****ing clue buddy – we all understand you, we all went through it. Your parents understand you – you’re just too ****ing stupid to realize it. They went through the same thing. Only when they told their parents to **** off they’d get a foot up their ass and a foot in the face and that’s what kept them from pulling out a gun and going on a killing spree. Now all these PC extremists are out there saying, “We can’t abuse our kids…we must sit them down and talk to them and find out what their problems are.” What the **** is this, Intimate Discussion Time with Dr. Phil? You’re a ****ing parent, not a best friend or a doctor – if you catch your kid smoking pot or drinking beer, don’t ground him to his room with the stereo, TV, DVD player, computer, cellphone and personal belongings. Kick his ass into the basement and lock the door for a week. Open it up seven days later and see how long it takes him to smoke weed again.

This is all part of growing up, and it prepares them for the real world.

Why do you think so many kids today get out of the house and flunk out of college before they even have their foot in the door? “Oh, it’s too hard…it’s just too hard, and I can’t handle all the responsibility; no one has it as hard as me.” That’s life – get a ****ing helmet, or better yet, get a clue.

posted by  starscream0

I read part one.. I'll get to part two when I have some time. It's kind of brutal, but thats just another trend that will die. If you really wanted all emo kids to go out of existance right away, then blow up myspace or some sh*t like that.

posted by  Benson

i read the whole thing (between phone calls at work) and i agree with the whole thing. if my child pulls some shit like that, i WILL break my foot off in her ass. i hate emo kids. its just another reason to bitch about something.

posted by  glagon1979

I just listen to anything I like no matter what people say about it, even with emo, some of the people have good voices and guitarists, most don't.

posted by  99integra

yes, myspace needs to be destroyed. i mean, thats all my girlfriend spends time on when shes on the computer... 5 hours straight of nothing but myspace. i will admit, i had a profile on there but i deleted it because of all the emo fags. i had been on there for about 4 months, i had 41 friends (mostly bands that are local around here) she joind and within a weekshe had 400 friends. myspace is compleat bullshit and needs to be taken out. hopefully once that dies, all the emos will die too.:thumbs:

posted by  starscream0

im on myspace :ohcrap: :doh: but im not a myspace-a-holic, i only go on to chat to my family who live in pheonix and i only have 15 friends but none to my knowledge are emos and im deffinatly not an emo!!!

posted by  True_Brit

what i hate is that i cant walk threw a shopping centre with out running into a pack of these freaks, being run over by the skateboards, without my ear drums popping from there constant screaming and without my eye balls melting from looking at there ugly faces, these people are wrong and need to grow up and act like normal hguman beings because trust me i know in a few years my tax money will be supporting these freaks

posted by  DRFT-R

Yeah those damn emo kids on myspace with like 10,000 friends that they don't even know whenever I seen one of those whore train bulletins i'd delete that friend asap. Now I'm down to the people I know either throuh my life or on these forums.

posted by  Spanky2324

Same here, hell we're on each others top 8 lol

posted by  99integra


P.s. you would be on my top 8 if i still had a myspace account (no im not a myspace whore... i hate myspace whores:fu: )

posted by  starscream0

The only trend I hate more than 'emo' is 'scene'. They're emo posers. 'Scene', according to 'scene' people, is wearing whatever happens to be cool that day. ****ing posers, and they're proud of it.

posted by  PontiacFan27

that is exactly what emo's are they are wearing tight black jeans and prison shoes today and next week they will be wearing hippy clothes, they are people that have no personalities and no interests so they just follow with what they can do at the time,
hey i love bands like jamiroqaui, green day, elvis, frank sinatra, U2, but i still have enough brain power to dress my way and act like myself not just do what my hero's do

posted by  DRFT-R

i dont associate myself at all with anything emo... bands, music, clothes, the way i act. some people will notice this because of the songs i post that im listening to in the one thread... some pretty heavy hardcore sh!t (and no, not hardcore like emo people think they are):doh:

posted by  starscream0

I don't know if anybody knows him but this reminds me of that one comedian Brian Posehn and his video metal by numbers. You should check it out. You can find him on my myspace or just you tube it.

posted by  Spanky2324

haha!! that kick ass mother****er supports Lamb of God!! :rock:
"metal by numbers, 1 2 3"

oh yeah, this is what i mean by emo people think they are "hardcore" by crying
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posted by  starscream0

You're such a fucking moron I don't even know where to start.

Emo music = good stuff

Emo people are what you are ragging on.

Learn the difference.

Why can't you enjoy ALL music?

What the hell man?

I like emo music, but I also like techno, and I like country, and I like Motown, and I like punk, and I like true underground hiphop, and I like house, and I like celtic punk, and I like old school british punk, and I like thrash, and I like classic rock, and I like michael fucking jackson, and I occasionally like mainstream rap, and I like swing, and I like reggae, and I like Nat King cole.

Stop being such a narrow minded fool, too unwiling to learn why people are attracted to that kind of music. In EVERY SINGLE POST in which you comment on music all I have seen you do is automatically bash someone for listening to anything you don'tlike and give others lavish praise for listening to something you do like. Open up your mind a bit and tak the cannibal corpse off the cd changer and LISTEN to something else. Don't judge it instantly, listen to it, try to understand it.

Accept the goddamn fact that some people have DIFFERENT TASTES THAN YOU!

You also seem a bit defensive about emo people or emo music that "claims to be hardcore" even though I can't name a single person who was emo, or a single band that plays emo music that claims to be hard core.

You know why I can't? BECAUSE THEY FUCKING DON'T!

oh and by the way, taking back sunday might not make much sense, but what about lynard skynard? AC/DC? face it rarely any band name makes sense.

now that I finished MY rant you can go ahead now, go on and stick your head back up your ass and ignore any other form of expression except your own while listening to music about raping dead bodies, vomiting fetuses and drinking blood.

posted by  Zalight

The one thing I'm intolerant of is intolerance.

posted by  Zalight

How about the Dutch?

But seriously come on if you dont like them, IGNORE THEM how hard is that. Nobody can seem to just ignore people anymore.

BTW Zalight hows the M?

posted by  skeetin870

yes and get your terms right, punk has nothing to do with emotional children, the great thing about LIFE is you have choices, Let it get to you, or don't or you could just off yourself and not have to deal with any of it.:thumbs:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

I'm at the point where IO need an engine hoist to finish what i'm doing. And my hoist is currently housing a 7mgte....Soo..

But its doing allright apart from the rust on the rotors that were forming from being rained on:


But its allright because I found an ultra high tech rain reppellent device:


aka, a grocery bag.

I also took these off:


because they were getting flatspots and flatspots are gay.

and so now she floats like this:


and is protected from the rain by this:


posted by  Zalight

i have tried to listen to it, thats all my girlfriend listens to is emo stuff and she too has said for me to "broadin my horizons" but it doesnt work for me. i like a certain type of music and thats all i lik. i hate music with "meaning". so therefore, i am obligated to voice my opinion on what music i do like and what music i hate. it is entirely pointless to liten to music with "meaning" just because some rich little bitch couldnt get his way and now he says no one likes him and hes going to make music to "rebel" against it... and i never said i like AC/DC or any of those. i mean, none of my bands that i like have too becoming names either, but at least they make sense... maybe not in a socialy acceptable way but they still make sense...:screwy:

oh yeah, and by the way, im happy for you that you listen to so many different kinds of music... thats great that you have the ability to like all music, good for you.

posted by  starscream0

So because you aren't able to enjoy other types of music you have to bash on people who like something you dont? And the music itself? Just let it be. If it's not for you then don't listen to it, you don't have to go out of your way to try and bash the music.

Its like that bumper sticker:
"Against abortion? Don't have one."

You don't like emo, then don't listen to it, but don't proactivley try and stop people from listening to it.

posted by  Zalight

I like....emu's

posted by  99integra

so much cooler than ostriches

and for some weird reason I think this topic has been covered before....:laughing:

posted by  nighthawk

Won't those bags just hold moisture in and not even make a difference? You need something that allows the moisture to escape.

posted by  Benson


Yes I do.

posted by  starscream0

Well I figured someone would start flaming this thread and say nay in this topic so hey zailight thats your opinion and yes I do listen to different music as well. I listen to sinatra, johnny cash, Bob marley, dean martin and so on and so forth. I stay neutral on this topic but i do not like emo music. Oh yeah btw hey starscream you get that new lamb of god ep?

posted by  Spanky2324

lamb of god ep? if your referring to the album, no i didnt get it.

posted by  starscream0

No the single for walk with me in hell plus the video for redneck and footage for making the album. It's at hot topic.

posted by  Spanky2324

The rotors were dry when I put them on, plus I had gone at it with steel wool, this is stopping anymore rain from getting on them.

posted by  Zalight

sh!t, i gotta pick that up, maybe this weekend ill get it

posted by  starscream0

That should be put in the "Dumbest thing you've ever heard" thread. You prefer meaningless music? What you should be saying is you hate music period.

What do you think music is? Music is an expression, a feeling and a way to put that feeling to a beat. Yes, even your metal music is meaningful. Music can also be used as communication between people. Music can be used for ceramonial purposes. Sure it can be entertaining as well, but that is not all it's meant to be. It's not all about headbanging and moshing.

I am a poet, a classicial musician and a lyricist. I write what I feel and I put those words to music if the mood strikes me. Not all "meaningful" music is about whining. Take for instance Mozart. Mozart has compositions that are "meaningful". Does that mean Mozart was "emo"? He doesn't use words to express how he's feeling, but the tone, pitch, rhythm, and harmony changes in certain parts which allows you to differentiate between different feelings. If you knew music at all, you would be able to appreciate every aspect of it, not only for the lyrics but the message being sent by the notes themselves.

posted by  97Talonchik

....way to piss off the band geek, starscream... :laughing:

j/p talonchik... :wink2:

posted by  dodger65

Yes it is.

Thank you. ya know, i try really hard:laughing:

posted by  starscream0

I know you are, but my point is valid. He's just a kid. He'll learn to appreciate other things later in life.

posted by  97Talonchik

Hey now miss Kristi. :wink2: I agree 110% with what you and Abe said, music that has just screaming and hard ass guitars (:rock:), is just pretty..dumb? Same with people rappin about dumbass shit, like how they're sittin on a mil, or they're poppin their collar and shit, cept that song has a tight ass beat :laughing:

posted by  99integra

i totally agree! i just cant think of anything else to say to this!!!!!:banghead:

i like all sorts of music (apart from the heavy stuff), classic, rock, etc etc even Bagpipes (other people i know think they just make a racket but i find them interesting!)

posted by  True_Brit

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