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I just came from Iran to Nantes, France (hate it here). The cars here are so much different. It appears that in europe (and iran) most people prefer sub-compact cars and wagons over sedans and coupes. Why is that? Most people in the US that I know find them to be ugly and unpractical. Someone explain!

And I wonder why they dont sell french cars in the US :-/

Anyways I am miserable here and I cant wait to get home and pick up my new car from the dealership (which is currently in the processing center)!

The speed limits are very low here too. I am getting withdrawal from not having driven in a couple weeks lol.

Ok seeya all soon with lots of pics and plenty of car photos. Ciao

posted by  Bronxie

the part where we "europeans" tend to choose estates (wagons) and compact cars isnt entirely true but you saw lots because estates are very practical, lots of space etc
and compact cars are cheap, very fuel efficient, the new vw fox does 60+ mpg and i can say there are more bigger cars than compacts on the roads in england, pickups are becoming more common and the speed limit, heh, i dont know why! it should be raised, its 70mph on motorways/highways in england, it should be at least 100mph

posted by  True_Brit

I agree with most of that....I don't think the Motorway limit should be raised that much though! Maybe to 80mph or so, though. I definately think the Limit for lorries and towing vehicles should remain the same though!

posted by  Cliffy

Isn't there some huge tax for every 10th of a liter your engine is over a certain size over there? If there was, that might explain all the compact cars.

posted by  giant016

Sort of, our Road Tax is more emissions based with new cars though, however on older cars there's two tax bands for Road Tax, if your car has an engine size of 1600cc or less, it's in the lower band, anything above and it's higher. I think a years tax on a higher banded vehicle is about £160 for a year, or (in my case) £90 for 6-months, you choose the length of time (6-months or 1-year). For the smaller engined vehicles it's about £60 for 6-months or £110 for a year, motorcycles are cheaper still. Sometimes I wonder where all the money we spend on tax goes though, I mean, they dig up roads....they just don't seem to wanna replace the tarmac, lol

posted by  Cliffy

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