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Just saw this movie over the weekend, wondering if anyone else caught it.

Basically about a dysfunctional family including
a grandfather who swears, likes porn and snorts heroine,
a father who is a failed motivational speaker because his own teachings don't really work,
a mother who is probably going to have a nervous breakdown,
an uncle who is a gay suicidal genius,
a son who is dumb (not talking) by choice,
and a daughter who wants to win the little miss sunshine beauty pageant but is kinda fat and wears huge glasses...

And what happens when they all go on a road trip.

Anyway this movie is hilarious in that non hollywoodish sort of way. It is also dramatic and has it's "lessons". It won a whole bunch of film festival awards, and stars Steve Carell as the suicidal uncle. To me it was like a family movie for adults, and i highly recommend it (if you don't feel like seeing Nick Cage stuck under the World Trade Center...though I'm not insulting that movie, after all it is directed by Oliver Stone).

posted by  Mathew

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