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Yesterday at about noon my wife was taken to the emergency room. She had passed out at work after having vertigo and nausea. Doctors said it's normally caused by an inner ear infection but they couldn't find anything. I am of the opinion it's caused by the stress of building/paying for the addition to the house, combined with the load of bullsh*t that we had to deal with at her folk's house this past weekend (a loooong story that wasn't very happy at all). She's back at work today, but i really dont' think she should be.

On the way home from the hospital, in rush hour traffic, I had to go through a section of road construction. I was in teh middle lane of three, with barriers on the left and those orange barrels blocking off the right hand lane. the lane I was in had been shaved in prep for paving, so was about an inch lower than the left lane. Traffic was heavy, and suddenly the car in front of me bounced up and down. Apparently the lane at that popint dropped off another 2 inches or so, and right there was a manhole cover that was the height of the original pavement (so it was about 3" tall). I had nowhere to go and no way of stopping. it was just instant: the car in front bounced, the dropoff was there as was the manhole cover, and the poor little Fiat took it on the chin, smashing the crap out of the oil pan. The was an instant puff of smoke out the back, and it started sounding like a playing card in bicycle spokes, as the crank was hitting the smashed bottom of the pan.

With no place to pull off (a barrier and traffic on the left, and an embankment on the right, I had to continue to the next exit, a half mile up the hill. When I could finally pull over there was a huge oil puddle under the car. Luckily it hadn't run completely out of oil while driving, and the engine hadn't even gotten hot yet. But the pan is fubar, and I'm worried about the crank. And that's the new engine that I just put in about 4 weeks ago. I have to pull the engine to change the pan, but I can't do that with the garage unfinished and filled with building materials. AND the engine hoist is behind the garage in the temporary storge unit underneath other things, including the Lexus engine on its pallet (which is sitting on the legs of the engine hoist, as that's how I got it out of the garage when I tore the old one down). So the Fiat's down for the count.

posted by  ChrisV

Damn man that sucks...all I can say is try to report it to your government, see if they will give you compensation for it...

posted by  dodgerforlife

shouldve taken the land rover :wink2:

j/k, but what dodgerforlife said before me
at least the engine isnt damaged in a more horrible way

posted by  nighthawk

Yeah tha does suck...dodger's right though isn't he? You could always sue :laughing:

posted by  jedimario

I drove the Fiat to work, as usual, and drove from work straight to the ER. The Range Rover was at the metro station, as she had taken it to the Metro station to go to work. I had to get a ride yesterday evening over to get the Rangie from the station.

And yeah, I'm understanding why so many people drive SUVs for purely city living. It's almost like driving ofroad with the conditions of the roads here.

posted by  ChrisV

Now's the chance to put the Lexus engine into the Fiat:smoke:

posted by  fudge

Sorry about the car Chris, but it's only a car which is always repairable. More importantly I hope your wife is/is going to be okay... I'm sure she'd be a little harder and a lot more expensive to replace. Gotta worry about the truly important things in life after all. :wink2:

posted by  vwhobo

And I thought I had a bad day yesterday. I'm sorry to hear all that.

posted by  elchango36

ChrisV your community may have the bug that swept through Oz this year. It is a virus that gives the inner ear a caning. I was unfortunate enough to have it inflict me while driving down the freeway at 100 clicks. I thought my tyres had given out, then felt I was on a rollercoaster and to top it off the worst case of sea sickness symptoms. Luckly I managed to swerve to the side and stop, but boy I was crook.

posted by  Wally

you get sea sickness symptoms on the road? lol, im sorry to hear about the unfortunate event ChrisV

posted by  True_Brit

i actually had to take my grandmother to the hospital this morning because of vertigo. no fun

posted by  mazda6man

that sucks..

vertigo.... isnt that when you remember something really bad and freak out?
sort of like having shell shock

posted by  nighthawk

"Vertigo, sometimes called a headrush, is a major symptom of a balance disorder. It is the sensation of spinning while the body is stationary with respect to the earth or surroundings. With the eyes shut, there will be a sensation that the body is in movement, called subjective vertigo; if the eyes are open, the surroundings will appear to move past the field of vision, called objective vertigo...."..............i got that off wikipedia

posted by  True_Brit

just like when you drink a bit too much:laughing:

posted by  nighthawk

yes!!!! :orglaugh:

posted by  True_Brit

Hope the wife gets okay soon. My wife has the same problem (vertigo). At least it's not your only car.

posted by  thefonz

When it rains it pours...yeah, definitely. Sorry to hear about those things. Your wife will be OK, your car repaired, your addition completed, and you'll be a happy camper anytime now. Stuff happens unfortunately. Again, sorry to hear!

posted by  67Coronet383

I hope your wifes ok chris, and like hobo said don't worry about the car you can repair it. :thumbs:

posted by  GreekWarrior

Yeah, that's what she says. it's "unpleasantly like being drunk, without any of the fun bits." Her MRI came back clean, with no indication of something like, say, a benign tumor pressing on anything. She has some more tests to undergo over the next few weeks, since they didn't find any indication of any inner ear infection, and are looking for a differnt cause.

My dad's been in the hospital since teh weekend, as well, I found out. Apparently his post-polio syndrome has reached the point where internal muscles are starting to go, not just his extremities, and he ended up with upper intenstinal lack of motility and blockage. Hopefully he won't need surgery to relieve the situation.

posted by  ChrisV

im terribly sorry to hear that! i hope all gets better soon!:wink2:

posted by  True_Brit

First of all best wishes for your wife.

Secondly, how old is the fiat? What will you drive meanwhile?

posted by  Bronxie

Sorry to that Chris, do roads over there not have a place where you can temperarilly stick the car if it breaks down? Our Motorways have these places and you even get free recovery to the end of the roadworks, lol. I hope your wife is better now, I sometimes suffer similar symptoms, I never thought much about it though, it usually lasts an hour or so and makes me unsteady on my feet (ie; dizzy spell) and with it I feel kinda sick....Luckily it's not a regualr occurence though *logs it as another thing to tell the Doc when I see her next :ohcrap:*

posted by  Cliffy

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