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Click on your state and search for anyplace close to where you live. I checked it out and I've been to 4 of the places by me, and have experienced something I can't explain. So if you want to go someplace to "experience" something, this is the place to find it. If you have experienced something. See if it's one here. There's two other places I've had "paranormal" experiences, but they weren't on here. So obviously, not all haunted places are here, but there are a lot. So check it out.

posted by  Satty101

theres one in england that sounds interesting!!! is as follows..........

England - Suffolk - RAF Woodbridge - "East-End Charlie" was a German pilot who, during WWII was flying his badly damaged plane back to what he thought was Germany. He instead crash-landed at the east end of the runway at RAF Woodbridge. A witness reports, "When I was stationed there in the late 70's, it was a US Air Force Base. The area in which Charlie would be seen was a weapons storage area which was bordered on the east side by what we referred to as 'The Queen's Woods'. Often British 'Ghost' societies would go out at night in the woods on 'Ghost Hunts' and we were advised of this. However, there was an old metal guard tower in the Northeast corner of the weapons area where a guard would always be posted. Anyone coming up the stairs to the tower would be heard as the stairs creaked". A guard looked up at a tower window and saw Charlie looking in on him. He jumped up, grabbed his M-16 and kicked open the heavy iron door. Charlie was already on the ground (15 feet below) running to the Southeast corner. He called a response team. When they got there, Charlie was running into the woods (which was on the other side of two alarmed fences, covered with concertina wire). This is the same RAF Woodbridge where a UFO was widely reported to have landed in a farmer's field right outside the base in the late 70's/early 80's

posted by  True_Brit

There's a few near me, on of which is a site actually patrol, it's in Alton, Hampshire.....

Another is in Woking, Horsell woods, that I am familliar with...

There's a few that aren't listed that I know are haunted, one being Brooklands Museum, a site I know only too well, it's a site that we guard and have to patrol through the night. There's a well known racing circuit there that's not used anymore and it's extreamly supernatural, so much so that TV channels have filmed documentaries there!

Nice find, Satty!

posted by  Cliffy

Everything within 20 minutes. Lovely.

posted by  67Coronet383

These are all the ones within 30 minutes from my home town

Caledona - Oak Creek - Bridge on Boarder - In the 1970's when the bridge was being built and littl boy was walking through the woods and drowned in the creek below. It is said that late at night you can still see the little boy walking into the woods. He is not there to hurt anyone or cause trouble he is simply rewalking his final steps before his most tragic death.

Oak Creek - Bender Park - story has it about 80 years ago. A farmer went crazy and killed his family and neighbors with an ax. Since then all of the houses in that area have been removed but when you walk down the road and near the area YOU will never forget the feeling that covers over you. to find the hermit walk towards the lake on FITZSIMMOMS RD. when you get to the woods look left you will see a dirt hill that is all that is left of his road, Plevoc road. Remember do not go looking for him alone out there you are a member of the food chain.

Oak Creek - Carolville - Peter Cooper Glue Factory - this abandon factory is haunted by as many as 30 ghost of people who have been murdered here. - NO TRESPASSING

Oak Creek - Fitzsimmons Road - This is sort of covered with the Bender Park Story. It is also evident that Fitzsimmons Road was used for drag races and such back in the day. People went off the cliff at the end of the road and haunt it. The end is blocked off now, but you still get the vibe that something does not want people there.

Racine - Dekoven Center - Reports of a strange figure being seen.

Racine - Elmwood Plaza - Specifically in the store (front east) that was once "Planet Video" and is now "Eye on Video". Along the back store wall at times you will feel and eerie sensation, the doorway which leads to the office will often feel breezy and cold, and late at night or early in the morning, employees opening/closing the store have reported seeing a black shadowy figure along that back wall. Office doors will close and movies will fall off of the shelf.

Racine - Microtel Inn and Suites - The property Microtel Inn now sits on was once a sanitarium for the insane back in the early 1900's. There is also a rumor that bodies were buried on the property and never removed. Employees of the Inn hear strange noises such as doors opening and closing to rooms that are unoccupied. One woman was walking down a hall late at night and had a hand touch her shoulder. She turned to see a eerie looking man standing there who then vanished before her eyes. She still works there but you cannot mention the incident to her because she will cry hysterically and threaten to quit. This information came from my father who used to work there.

Racine - Northside Pick n' Save - sometimes at night when the store is dead carts will move from were you put them , can goods will be stacked 10 high , lights flick on and off

Racine - Pritchard Park - A man in all black will approach you. A very pale face and black eyes pierce through you. He will let out an evil growl. Then he will just fade out of sight and then you hear evil laughter.

Racine - The Racine Country Club - After closing, employees have heard noises, walked through cold spots, and seen shadows. The attic contains rooms that in the 20's & 30's were used as a brothel. Local legend has it that several of the prostitutes were murdered in these attic rooms.

Racine - SC Johnson Wax Building - Reported sightings of little girls playing and laughing have been sighted by janitors in a SC Johnson Wax building, which was formally the old St. Mary’s Hospital.

Racine - Westlawn cemetery - we went to roam around in our car about 12;30am and there was always talk of the place but we went inside saw a old cop car vanish car did on us and low whispers were in the far east corner something jumped in front of our car and knocked on he side of it also when you drive in a faded tombstone jumps back into the cemetery with a glow.

Racine - Winslow School - One of the three oldest school buildings in the city. It was built in 1856 on the site of Racine's first cemetery. Various Sightings reported over the years.

posted by  Satty101


Uh, wrong, plenty of people live around there.

That's really funny, Tillman Hall was built after the abolition of slavery...hmm

I smell BS, and a whoooole lot of it.

posted by  jedimario

These are all submitted by residents of the areas that these places are at. Some maybe BS just to put their place on the map...

posted by  Satty101

Well, of all the ones I could verify, 100% of them are false. Not lookin so good.

posted by  jedimario

Meh. All the places by me are true (Minus maybe the pick N Save. Don't know what to think on that one)

posted by  Satty101

Doesn't sound like it came from a source with any more credibility than the others, just someone making up crap for attention if you ask me.

posted by  jedimario

Agreed. Even the one mentioned above at RAF Woodbridge. I used to live there after all.

posted by  vwhobo

Nice site:clap:

posted by  Andrew0261

Strange stuff going on there!

posted by  micra

Remove ur link in the sig please.

posted by  newyorker

i found that like a year ago and the places it says are haunted dont even exhist. i spent 3 hours looking for this place called jacobs hill.

posted by  bebopin64

Wanna bet??

posted by  Satty101

pretty interesting. my town wasn't on there, but I know there are two houses both with the address 666 that are supposed to be haunted, who knows if its true.

posted by  moostang104314

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