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I figured sinse we were having a discussion in Jamie's Birthday thread about beer, why not write a thread about it? seeing as the last thread of this nature was when tbaxley was enquiring about what us Brits drink in the way of beer, about 2yrs back. I thought I'd broaden it abit though and include any alcoholic beverage! I myself am a beer man, mainly beer from either the UK (Carling....or I think that's British anyway!), US (Budweiser) or Aus (Foster's). I'm not a bit drinker of European beers, although I don't mind Calsberg as long as it's on tap, or Carling.

I occassionally drink alcopops such as WKD or Red Square, just as a change, but beer is a man's drink as far as I'm concerned.

posted by  Cliffy

kronenbourg 1664 was amazing in France, like I said.

Most American beers make you wanna vomit.

Vodka is the only thing I can drink straight.

Sex on the beach is the best cocktail.

Long Island Iced Tea will get you sloshed so fast, but I think it's only served in NY.

3/4 oz tequila
3/4 oz rum
3/4 oz gin
3/4 oz vodka
3/4 oz triple sec
3/4 oz sour mix
splash cola

Shake liquors with sour mix. Pour in hurricane or tall glass. Add splash of cola and garnish with a lemon wedge.

And you have an amazing Long Island ice tea.

Anyone else have a favorite cocktail?

posted by  Bronxie

nah, they serve this in other places than just new york. these are pretty good though:thumbs:

posted by  starscream0

Oh that's cool, I didn't know that.

posted by  Bronxie


posted by  jackal2000

I'm a beer man myself. Favorite's include Sol, Corona, Bohemia, Pilsner Urquell, Heineken, and Beck's. For Beer-Pong playing purposes: Natural Lt > Keystone Lt :2cents:

posted by  elchango36

im gonna have to say molson canadian
or the hard stuff, black horse:laughing:

posted by  nighthawk

That's just plain ignorant to think Long Island Iced Tea is only served in New York...


Beer: Molson Canadian, Pilsner, Kokanee, in that order.

Alcohol: Chivas Regal Scotch, Gibson's Finest Rye, Crown Royal Rye, in that order.

I don't do cocktails or fruity coolers or any bullshit like that.

posted by  dodgerforlife

Sippin Beer: Boddingtons, Guiness stout
Beer pong: Bud light
Chugging beer: Miler Light
Drunken frat party beer: Keg o' Shiner blonde
Shots: Bacardi gold. I love rum....So much.
Chugging liqour: Vodka (I can slam a 5th of vodka easily, but anything else and I'll gag)
Fruity cocktail: Strawberry Daiquiris
Mixed drink: Dr.Pepper and Bacardi Gold
The ":I don't want to feel anything" drink: Everclear
Happy Drink: Tequila Shooters
Depressed drink: Straight whiskey

posted by  Zalight

natty light?? holy high school party beer. lol

i drink the hell outta some coors light. i do enjoy a heineken now and then also.

posted by  jackal2000

why it double posted i have no idea....

posted by  jackal2000

Contrary to that, I made that inference because A. I've never seen it anywhere else and B. The site says it was made in the Hampton Bays in 1970, and that's a pretty secluded area. It's miles away from any other state (except connecticut by water, but still not that close)

I would have even specified I don't think it's served anywhere but this particular area of NY.

So it wasn't an ignorant assessment, it actually used certain facts and experiences to draw the inference.

You don't do cocktails anyways, because it's "bullshit" for some reason.

posted by  Bronxie

My favorite beer is.....

Open, and yours.

posted by  torinoman80

Have you been anywhere else? Shit, I can get a Long Island anywhere, even podunk towns with populations of under 200. And you believe everything you read on the internet? If so, then you really are ignorant.

Even if you used "certain" facts and "experiences" to say that, it still doesn't include the international picture, which in turn means all that you know is your area. AKA Ignorant of the world.

And so what if I don't "do" cocktails? I used to work in a lounge, so I know more then enough about them. And they are bullshit because half of them are feministic, and a lot of them taste like shit, and don't try to give me some crap about not having tried them. I have gone through a lot of cocktails, fortunately none paid for by me.

posted by  dodgerforlife

I was born in Seattle, moved to DC, moved to New York City, moved to upstate NY, then moved down to Westchester county. I've been to Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia, California, Washington state, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia, Puerto Rico and maybe a couple more. As for countries, I've been to Russia, England, Iran, France, Canada and Holland. I've been around more places than a lot of people, and I'm only 18.

As for reading on the internet? There's something called credibility that you use to judge whether something is "credible" or not. Also, it's not that hard to believe that a Long Island ice tea was made in Long Island, (dur?)

I said I used facts and experiences I have had. When did I say it was based on MY area? Oh, I didn't. It was something you made up to enhance your story.

Congratulations, but I don't care what your opinion of their tastes are or if you find them to be feminine for one reason or another.

posted by  Bronxie

Seriously...just talk about booze and quit bitching

posted by  Zalight


i drink bud light, yeager bombs, so-co, wild turkey when i want to get hammered and not walk, pretty much anything that gets me numb and carefree.

posted by  glagon1979

I bought some Bud Ice yesterday, not bad stuff, just tastes almost watered down, lol. I think I'll stick to the normal stuff from now on.....Also, did I read in another thread that Budweiser is one of the cheapest beers in the states? If so, it flew straight over my head at the time, but over here, Bud is one of the most expensive, if not thee most expensive!

posted by  Cliffy

it all depends on where you live. in new york its average cost. im sure down south its cheaper.

posted by  glagon1979

Yeah its pretty cheap but it's not the chepest.

The chepest is probably Keystone light, natural light, Icehouse, etc.

I miss drinking eruopean beer in a pub. I want to go back!

posted by  Zalight

Bronxie, you've been to all those places, but you are only 18, which means you haven't been in BARS in most of those places buying drinks or listening to people buying drinks. If you've never seen or heard of a LIIT anywhere else, you simply weren't paying attention (which is typical, isn't it?).

Just like everything else you say, you have formed hard and fast opinions on things from near ZERO real world experience. And you haven't had time to develop a discerning palette about drinks OR cars. But by God, you're ready to argue about opinions and the right to voice them!

posted by  ChrisV

Bud isn't a cheap beer over here, it's simply the most ubiquitous macro-brew "brewed in vats the size of Rhode Island!" It's bland, watered down beer for the masses. Annhauser Busch (the makers of Bud) do have some premium blends, but most places don't carry them.

Microbrews and brewpubs are where it's at. Places like The Brewer's Art here in Baltimore, listed as one of the top 25 brewpubs in the US, where they make a couple of sweet ales: Ozzie (named after the early Black Sabbath Ozzie, not the later, TV star Ozzie...) and Ressurection Ale.

As I said, beers in green bottles tend to be skunkier than brown or white bottles due to what the light coming through the bottle does. In those cases, the draft versions will be noticeably better tasting.

As far as harder alchohol and mixed drinks, my wife's a pretty decent bartender (at the Hard Rock here in Baltimore) and we have a well stocked bar at home... I love a good gin and tonic, but I like trying out all sorts of different tastes.

posted by  ChrisV

we have a small chain of bars around here called MacGregors that have over 100 types of beers ON TAP! and i am proud to say ive tried all of them. my wife likes "blue moon". its has kind of a blue berry taste to it. i've met quite a few famous people there as well. i met a wrestler once. they dont look that big on TV but this dude was huge. i think his name was Scott Steiner

posted by  glagon1979

One of my favorite things to get in a bar are mad hatters.

Vodka, cointreau, orange juice and cranberry juice.

posted by  Zalight

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