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ok, i dont think i ever mentioned this, but i got fired from toyota, due to the fact that i wanst a pushy enough salesman, i was rehired at out pontiac buick, gmc store (upper management really liked me a guess) anyways, i sold my mother the new pontiac solstice. il get some pics up sometime... but yeah, anyone seen them yet? theyre not to bad for a pontiac, and whats cool, next years model, the GXP solstice will be turboed... hmm, RWD 4cyl turbo... not to shabby. i just wish that pontiac used the toyota vvti engine instead of the chevy ecotec engine

posted by  mazda6man

i agree, the solstice was recently on a list of the worlds best looking cars or something like that

I like them

its funny how the guy at the pontiac dealer where I live was trying to tell me the solstice gxp was gonna have a supercharged 6 cylinder, and then got pissed off at me cause I told him that wasnt right:laughing:

posted by  nighthawk

the ecotec is a badass. pretty huge aftermarket.

posted by  jackal2000

lol... yeah, sounds like dude needs to do his homework... theyre turboing it cuz its super underpowered (good thing i dont want my mother having a car with a turbo...) i just wish it was gunna be supercharged

posted by  mazda6man

You got fired? was that a recent thing?

posted by  Cliffy

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