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I had 512MB of memory put in the laptop yesterday as it was soooo slow, and getting worse apparently. All I can say now is that it's so fast I don't no what to visit first, lol. Before I daren't even attempt to view Videos people, bring 'em on, lol. I can even click on the smillies to post them....on this computer before I had to type in the code, lol (dunno why, it wasn't always like that!) I think I have like 850MB in total now or something?

posted by  Cliffy

yay! you can see what we can see! :laughing:

posted by  True_Brit

True Brit. I love that gif in your sig.

posted by  Voda48

thanks, i found it!!!

posted by  True_Brit

im not very computer minded but i can tell thats a mighty boost of life to your computer

posted by  True_Brit

What type of LT do you have?

posted by  SyntheticTrust

My desktop had 512 and that didnt cut it for me. My laptop has a gig now, and I want MORE

posted by  newyorker

ive just found out (if im looking at the right thing?) that my desktop pc has 512mb memory and a 160gb hard disk! wheres the best place to buy upgrades for them (if thats what youd call it, an upgrade?)
because ive bought so many games etc for it and they wont play under what the current set up uses

posted by  True_Brit

I went to PC World and they done it there and then for me. It only took them a few minutes and cost me £40 including the fitting :thumbs:

Before having the 'chip' fitted, they cleared some of the unwanted stuff over the phone...loads of codes etc, that I have no idea about, lol :ohcrap: That alone made it a bit faster.

Assuming 'LT' means Lap Top, it's an Advent 7000 or something...

posted by  Cliffy

I did the same earlier this year to my old comp and it ran Xp pretty well, but now I've got a firewall/Anti-virus installed it's starting to slow up again!!!

posted by  fudge

Yeah memory is a pain in the ass sometimes. I run 1024mb so I'm good but I want more.

posted by  Spanky2324

Yeah, My current system is running 2 gig. I am planning on building a new system the fall

Core 2 Duo Desktop Processor
Just bought a 500 gig Western Digital HD
Prob min of 2 gigs ram
REcycling rest of my equipment from current setup.

posted by  Voda48

If 1GB of RAM is not enough on a brand new laptop, then something is just wrong. My PC had 256MB and it was slow because I had a lot of files on it. My laptop has 512MB and I find it sufficient. 1GB must make it fly...I don't think there's a need for any more than that.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

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