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Ahh I just read an article today about one of my acquaintances last year, Dexter McCluster. He is an AMAZING football player and he made Pinellas County history when he 3,742 yards as a starter his first two years. He's the first person in history in Pinellas to run over 2000 yards (he ran 2,490), in a season. He's 18 years old and got a full scholorship to playing at University of Mississippi and right now he's doin pretty damn good, I've watched a few of their games and that boy is kicking ASS against people older and bigger than him. He's definately going to go pro in a few years.

http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=7 6238920
^His myspace

http://studentsports.rivals.com/viewprospect.asp?Sport=1&pr_key=36702#video s
^A few stats

^here you can read up on him

posted by  99integra

He seems to be like our Jeran Trotter who used to play for our high school. He graduated last year. We havent lost one game in 3 years. Crazy stuff. :screwy: Thats why we're dubbed "the most hated highschool in the midwest". lol:laughing:

posted by  SlipKnoT

High school football really means nothing.

He's too small to make it big or make it very far in college. 5' 11" and 170? Nuh uh.

Jamar Hornsby, Antonio Wilson, Brandon Heath and Jarred Fayson are all rated higher at his position.

But, you know his name and saw him in the halls, right?

posted by  Godlaus

Had him last year in my 4th block, talked with him a lot everyday, I never knew he played football because I never cared to ask (silly freshman me) until I saw one of his games. My coaches say that if he starts packin on more weight and muscle he might have more of a shot.

posted by  99integra

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