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Well, it's five years today (hard to believe). At approximately 8:45am, the first plane hit one of the Twin Tower's. Our thoughts are with all those affected by this act of terrorism. Unfortunately, it seems that these people are going to continue to devastate cities/communities in this way, we just have to try and figure out more ways in which to hamper their attempts.

posted by  Cliffy

I've been reading on Yahoo and some other sites about it and it turns out Usama released another tape about it. He will get what he deserves...

posted by  chris_knows

I was in NYC at the time it happened...I didn't even realize what happened, or how bad it was, until I saw the smoke.

posted by  Bronxie

It must have been a scary time! I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing at the time....(not alot). It certainly doesn't seem like five years, infact, it seems like only yesterday that lastyear's tribute was posted here at CF :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy


They ARE terrorists. Not just people, terrorists.

Uh, no, we need to kill them/convert them/imprison them/WHATEVER it takes to put a stop to them.

posted by  jedimario

Which is why I itallic'd the word 'people' :wink2:

Ideally, yes, but this is a far from ideal world. When these terrorists are stopped before they strike, they will eventually be caught (take the latest attempt on flights leaving Heathrw airport for example!)....They'll be caught sooner or later! It's just when they suceed that things get nasty, especially when numerous lives are lost....

posted by  Cliffy

As can I. English class. They evacuated our schools and rushed us home. All buisnesses closed. All land line phones rang busy. I remember that day like it was only last week.

posted by  SyntheticTrust

I remember the day clearly too...It was math class in grade 6 and a teacher walked in and started whispering something to my teacher...We were still doing our work when our teacher said to stop for a minute and listen to the radio...This was somewhere between 9:15 and 9:30...Most of us didn't understand what had happened until the teacher explained it. Half of the class didn't know what the World Trade Centers were...I had been to New York 3 or 4 years back just for 2 days and knew though. Being in grade 6 and a bit irrational(sp?)...Some kids would see a plane in the sky and start screaming thinking it's headed for us lol (One boy almost started crying lol)...The whole day was almost surreal, and the magnitude of it didn't hit me until I saw it on the news...I still remember my teacher saying that we were all going to remember this day for the rest of our lives and not believing that was true lol.

posted by  chris_knows

i too was in school. 12th grade math class (trigonometry), they turned the big screen tvs on in the cafeteria so we could try and keep up with the events during our study halls and lunch breaks.

five years later im an OIF veteran and still serving my country (active army). no, 9/11 did not spur me to join the army, it was my plan all along.

posted by  jackal2000

I was in grade 12 too (hard to believe thats 5 years ago). But for us it was earlier (west coast time zone). I had just gotten in the car with my younger brother and dad and they were saying the second tower just came down. We thought it was the trailer to a movie or something....the rest of the day was quite surreal as Chris said, no one really did work or anything, we all just discussed everything. In fact, my history teacher dedicated the whole class to discussing what happened and the people involved (ironically my history teacher was Mr Politics and Current Events). Lunch time the caf was packed with people watching the tv's, even had a few people sobbing. After school went home and just watched more coverage on the TV. It was like, all plans cancelled, everyone gather around CNN.

posted by  Mathew

An American Soldier....


posted by  thefonz

Is anyone else fed up hearing about "911", "heroes" and "terrorism" or am I just an insensitive SOB? Sure it was an awesome sight and an horrible thing, but it's overshadowed all the vastly greater calamities that have happened to other countries (societies) before and since. Do Americans really think that "terrorism" has ever been less extant as has been in recent times?

And I pose this question...if the towers were even suspect of collapsing as they did, do you really think the uitilities would have allowed their rescue teams into the building? There is no way control measures could have mitigated the level of risk. Heroes are those that act out of noble courage beyond normal expectations, they are not naive victims of the unforeseen, like the firemen and tenants were. None of them willingly gave their life, they had it snuffed out by treachery.

Call it for what it was:- an attack on a nation that is not used to being attacked or under seige. Not all nations follow the protocol of announcing they intend to conduct war on another and they certainly don't care to play by any rules of engagement. Surely Pearl Harbour would have lesson enough.

posted by  Wally

You don't think the various rescue people and fire fighters that went in to the building knew there was a risk? 9/11 or no, they are always risking their lives and should be considered heroes.

No they didn't willingly give their lives, but they all know that one day they might have to give it. Otherwise they would choose a different career.

posted by  Mathew

I remember where i was also - AT HOME

it just so happened that monday, tuesday and wednesday i was suspended from school (9th grade). I hated the news but watched it religiously that day. My mother was at work and I kept calling her updating her on what was happening. We didnt lose anyone thank god to the terrorists but we prayed for all that did and the lives lost, we still pray for the families to this day. It was a tragic time and the sad part is its still going on. Wish they would just nuke the bastard! excuse my language. And Saddam ... we need to put him in a vacant building in the desert and bomb it!

That was my rant for today :mrgreen: ty


posted by  calebsmommy24

I'm surprised any of you were potty trained 5 years ago...

posted by  BavarianWheels

I wish you were correct in that statement Bav.:ohcrap:

Matthew, I know that firemen can be courageous, but that is the level of expectation, therefore not heroic. If they went to a certain death it would have been tantamount to futile recklessness, especially when you consider their repsonsibility to family and community to remain safe. They train for fire control, they do not train for cascading or concertinaring high rise buildings.... when walls look like they are about to collapse, they are clear of the impact area.

posted by  Wally

You're an idiot if that is what you believe.

posted by  Pythias

Wally, you're right. there were more terrible things that have happened before and since, in war. There have been damn few attacks of that nature when NOT in wartime. Even pearl Harbor was an attack by a full fledged nation during a time of worldwide conflict. And it was foisted primarily on a military target, not civilians. The WTC attack was unprecedented, and of a scope far larger than car bombs, or even the gas attack in the Japanese subway a few years earlier. hell, it was larger than our own homegrown terrorist attack on the Oklahoma City federal building.

The US has been attacked on our soil before, from the early years of the nation up to Pearl Harbor. And we had been prepared for decades for Soviet attack on our soil and for ICBM attack. What we had been prepared for was military action against military targets.

People were calling for making the ME a glass parking lot after these attacks. the fact that we didn't do that speaks volumes.

posted by  ChrisV

huh? :confused:

posted by  jedimario

As the towers were falling, there were people who already assumed it was Middle Easterners, including Bin Laden, and were calling for us to retaliate by nuking the ME and getting rid of the problem. In fact, a whole lot of people worldwide were worried that we woudl do exactly that, considering the final result of the LAST group of people to attack us on our own soil. Everyone was afraid that the people here with their fingers on the red buttons would just push them.

We didn't just lash out and nuke the place.

Of course a lot of people say we brought this all on ourselves, as though everything was going swimmingly in the world until we started mucking about in the M.E. Or that somehow we are an Imperialist nation. Which is a crock.

posted by  ChrisV

I thought by 'ME' you meant you, lol :doh:

I'm not sure how they're trained in Aus...or the US for that matter, but over here our Firefighters are trained for any eventuallity. Infact, just a few weeks before the 7/7 London bombings, our emergency services (Fire, Police & Ambulance), aswell as the underground train network, practiced the exact terrible scenario that was to follow!

posted by  Cliffy


posted by  jedimario

Context, guys, context.

posted by  ChrisV

Well that's a silly retort and I think you know it, at least I hope you know it now. I am not denegrating the victims, but pointing out something you yourself can either validate or refute, by simply calling your local fire brigade and ask them what control measures are in place for the level of risk associated with a passenger plane impacting a high rise building. I think I would be correct in assuming there were no similar control measures prior "911" and therefore the firemen had no idea of the imminent danger they were in. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

ChrisV, I agree the US showed a civilised restraint expected. And yes throughout it's early history it has been under siege several times. It even tore itself apart with a nasty civil war. And yes after decades of preparedness, the USSR collapsed, the US nation blinked and the cowards acted without warning. I think we were all expecting a spectacular and immediate retaliation, the trouble was that very few knew who the enemy was, which says heaps about level of security at the time. Nuking oil fields isn't really in the best interests of industrial economies though.

posted by  Wally

I didn't see the "the" infront of the "ME" lol.....otherwise I would have ripped you apart :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

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