Eee Taco Ra See-Ree-Chee

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This tune is now stuck in my head....Aaaaaahhhh! :banghead:

posted by  BavarianWheels

1. Amazing :clap:

2. I cant even imagine the work involved

3. Why arent these amazing people making cars?:

4. the tune is stuck in my head also :cussing: :laughing:

posted by  nighthawk


But the person that made that really has too much time on their hands lol...

That tune is extremely annoying...Stuck in my head too lol :banghead:

posted by  chris_knows

dude, that thing is awsome... i wish i had the mind to think of that kind of stuff

posted by  starscream0

I thought it was a new Honda ad at first, lol....Amazing stuff :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

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