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this happened a few moments ago!
where i work, im under a landing path for planes! the airport is less than half a mile so the planes arevery low, (about 100ft) and we hear this plane come in, sounds sick, and a propeller blade comes through the roof! bearing in mind that this plane is a passenger plane (A Dash 8 if you know your planes), luckily the plane lands ok but with a couple injured!!!
what a way to make your work day go well, with the police around etc!

(i cant post a pic because im on a work computer)
weve had it all here! even a bomb scare when some stupid prick at the head office wrote on the box"BOMB"

posted by  True_Brit

Whoa!! That would scare me to death if I was underneath the plane lol...The propeller actually came through the roof? lol...At least everyone's okay.

posted by  chris_knows

the propellors are humungous! but the plane made it back on one propellor ok!!!
we have an aircraft buff who works for us (hes 65) and he witnessed the landing (no suprise, hes at the airport everyday before he gets to work), he said the landing was terrible! it nearly crashed because of the struggle! but every landing the pilot walks away from is a good one (he says)

posted by  True_Brit

If it had more than one propeller, then it's bigger than I imagined lol...I thought of a little Cessna or something.

So did you guys get the rest of the day off?

posted by  chris_knows

nope, still here!
plus, because i work for a parcel courier, we have to wait for 40 vans to come back which cover the whole of cornwall and a bit of devon!!!
because im on the work pc (its restricted) ill post a pic of what they look like (unles you google air southwest or dash 8)

posted by  True_Brit

found a pic, it was off a plane like that, of the same company

posted by  True_Brit

how did the propellor go through the roof without the "fuselage" also?:hi:

I live in a town built as a fuel-stop-place during world war 2
known as the crossroads of the world or something like that, google gander if you want :laughing:

but there is all kinds of huge airplanes going right over my house every day where I live, everyone's used to it though

I mean airplanes like this, only about 200ft over you

even now, except those are only here and there

posted by  nighthawk

i used to live in Mildenhall, which is an american airforce base in england, its the transport wing, but a mile or two was a fighter base (also USAF) Lakenheath, im used to it! i could live next to a busy airport like heathrow and have no problem about it!!!

also, the propellor came off the engine itself, a big bird (or a couple) hit it damaging the thing itself!

posted by  True_Brit

damn:doh: ! dat could kill ppl but thank god everyone is fine.

posted by  an_talpur

That's something you expect to see on the telly, lol. I bet that went with a bit of a bang! I read the thread title wrong at first (I read "moments" as "months" lol). The following plane was about 200ft (ish) above my house a couple of months ago, for the Farnborough International Airshow, it's the new Airbus A380. Could you imagine that one falling out of the sky? I'm still confused how it could land on a runway only usually used for Chartered flights etc........They are wanting to extend the runway though, to make it a 'proper' airport....:ohcrap:

By the way, sorry for the picture quality, it sure is hard to photograph planes, midflight, lol

posted by  Cliffy

LOL was just checking up on what my lil cliffy has been up too and i saw 2 pics of planes that I took of the airbus when it was in town, i am angry at cliff saying the picture quality was rubbish as i did my best to take that pic hanging out of our front room window (which is upstairs!) whilst the plane was moving quite fast!!!! so cliffy darling :fu:

posted by  kezza

wtf? lol

edit_ ohh lol, your apparently cliffy's wife

i see...

posted by  nighthawk

hehe!!! :laughing:

posted by  True_Brit

She'll get over it, lol....:ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

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