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Ok guys, this is computer related. I really need an answer within 3 hours!

Basically this concerns my dad's work laptop. It has Windows XP Proffessional on it, so when you log on, it asks you to hit ctrl-alt-delete and then it has a basic log on window with a domain...

(i made up the domain names, but they represent whats on the computer)

Anyway, I have my own account on the computer. The domain is like the default one, my mom's and brother's account are also on this domain:

User: Mathew
Password: xxxxxxx
Log on to: jsmith (this computer)

So when I log in it works fine everytime.

But when my dad tries to log in, he has to use a different domain, which is the name of the company he works for:

User: john
Password: xxxxx
Log on to: joneswhite

And it comes up with the message "The system could not log you on. Make sure your password and domain are correct, then type your password again". So what the hell is going on? He is always able to log on, no problem, but now it won't let him. Restarting, trying different domains, caps lock, nothing works. Yet, I am able to log in everytime.

I logged into my profile and went into user accounts to see if I could make sense of it. It lists a few different accounts (including mine, my mom's, my bro's), but not "john" and no domain of "joneswhite". Does that mean the domain is missing, or it just doesn't list it because I'm logged into jsmith domain?

He's leaving on a business trip in about 3 hours so I really need to solve this!

Any help is greatly appreciated!

posted by  Mathew

I read the above thouroughly(*sp?)

Id love to help you but I cant think of any reason why its not letting him in

(you would actually shit if you tried to use my computer)

id say someone should be able to help you out in 3 hours

posted by  nighthawk

do you have administrator settings on the computer? did this problem just arise now, or did this just start happening when you made your own account?

posted by  pocko5000

Does your dad regularly log on to that domain while not at work? This is important for me to know

posted by  Bronxie

Manage network accounts in Control Panel "User Account"?

or Start, Run and type Control keymgr.dll ?

Be careful

posted by  Wally

Yes, I think so. Yes, this problem just started happening now, and I made my account more than a year ago.

posted by  Mathew


I think its too late, he's leaving in an hour, and I have to go out. But don't worry, he doesn't really need his computer working that badly. His associates have the same info. But still if you have any ideas let me know.

posted by  Mathew

I can't answer the question, and won't pretend that I can. However, even a computer tard like me can read the description and understand the problem he's having. That is the number one step in helping anyone. I congratulate you on a well concieved post with good narrative and supporting information. I hope you can solve the glitch and get it fixed. :thumbs:

Now if we can just get the weenies who post in the R&M section to follow your example. :doh:

posted by  vwhobo

my computer iz broke itkeeps cumin up with sum error msg, can ne1 fix it pls!!!! lol wat am i gunna do!:banghead: :banghead: :cussing: :cussing: :fu: :fu: :fu: :screwy:

posted by  Mathew

:laughing: :orglaugh: :thumbs:

posted by  vwhobo

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