lol sweet

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just goes to show you don't need a great/decent car to have fun :mrgreen:

cant wait till I get my liscense lol j/k

posted by  nighthawk

I do that all the time...

...In Forza Motorsport lol.

posted by  chris_knows

^ lol, and here is a good way to see how fun a nice car can be

just like being there

posted by  nighthawk

ive posted this before and ill post it again!
i like this one (the others were great too!)

posted by  True_Brit

woah, that driver is a madman

and the last high-speed pass is absolutley sick

posted by  nighthawk

He was quite close to that bollard at the beginning there.....:ohcrap:

Boy racers do that all the time in the UK....It just makes them look more and more like donkeys everyday.....

posted by  Cliffy

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