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Another freind and collegue done the following to his company car the other day. He was okay, as was the dog. Basically a car jumped a red traffic light and plowed into him at about 40mph. He was ready to tearb the other drivers' head off if his dog was hurt! Luckily nobody was too badly hurt, although the other driver sustained a broken wrist.....just a pitty it wasn't his neck! It happened at around 6am so the roads weren't exacly clear, not that that would be any sortof an excuse anyway! Appologies for the picture quality, they were taken in twilight hours. I'll post some clearler ones if the car's still there on Friday. :doh:

By the way, the car was a '00 Vauxhall Astravan.

posted by  Cliffy

Ohh, you can buff that out :laughing:...At least no one got too seriously injured.

posted by  chris_knows

yea good thing no one got hurt. especially the dog since they don't wear seatbelts.

posted by  salimander13

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